Behemoth roll attack exploit is not fixed


This issue is still very much present, it was not fixed. Behemoth roll is an instant autoattack cooldown reset. You know the time (half a second or so) between your autoattacks that prevents you from rapidly attacking your target multiple times per second? Well the roll enables just that. You attack, roll, attack, roll, attack until your traversal stamina depletes and you cant enter any more rolls. Using this exploit you pin someone up against the wall so they cant be knocked back and you use the technique i described as fast as you can mash buttons. It will result in multiple autoattacks per second being thrown at your target basically obliterating them. This exploit can easily win you games since when you down an important player like a medic its all downhill from there. It can also be used more discretely, for example just once - attack, roll, attack, that results in two instantaneous autoattacks giving you a nice little boost in damage when you need it at killing a player.

I do not feel that the use of this technique was intended by the developers (though there are some who call it smart use of game mechanics) and i was happy when they announced that they plan to remove it, but alas after the patch i discovered that they only nerfed traversal stamina. That makes behemoths mobility even worse and does nothing to prevent the use of the rollx abuse. In my opinion the lack of in combat mobility is one of the biggest behemoth problems and they worsened it.

The simplest fix would be to just remove the auto attack cooldown reset that entering a roll provides.


I’ll go test it, and get back to you.


The PC micropatch wasn’t designed to fix it completely. They changed numbers (Because that is all the micropatch can do) until they can implement the change in which the delays are changed. Macman talked about this in the telemetry thread.


It’s fine… It depletes my stamina bar EXTREMELY fast. I see no reason why you should be complaining about this.

Dodge the first few melee attacks. If they try this right now, they basically fuck over their escape/chase potential.


Macman made a statement on stream the other day that they do not make any changes lightly and when they do they are sure that they are moving in the right direction. It makes me anxious if the micropatch was only intended to take the edge off the rollx abuse because it did so at the cost of behemoths traversal stamina which is a very big deal in my opinion. Behemoth already has zero chances to dodge things like Torvalds mortars contrary to other monsters and nerfing stamina further worsens his in combat mobility.

@Shin If i kill their medic inside 2 seconds i do not care if my stamina bar is empty. The bug also enables more discreet abuse like attack, roll, attack which results in two instantaneous autoattacks. I feel this makes for bad gameplay and i just want a genuine monster experience.


Their Medic should never have been cornered like that. If you have one of them in position for the new spam, then they deserve that death. Behemoth is ridiculously easy to kite and avoid using high ground but if he catches you in a bad spot, he deserves the strike.


Anyone have a video?