Behemoth Rock wall holes


So i was talking with someone and they said that the Devs have said that Behemoths rock wall is supposed to have holes in it under certain circumstances. If that is the case, could a dev please explain to me where and why it is supposed to have holes? Or if someone has the post of a dev saying that i would most appreciate a link.I just want to know if there is meant to be holes every other time i use it, or if it is just a big bug.


Well, if you use the wall next to you, it will have holes in it.


No offence, but that doesn’t help. I know this, and i don’t understand why it does this. Its Behemoths rock wall, and why cant he go through it the same way Goliath’s body goes through the rock when he picks it up? When you were able to pick it up at the end of the match it would go through his body, and why cant Behemoths rock wall do that for a second or 2 after he throws it up, so he can put it close to him. Not like it would hurt anything.


My issue with the holes is they are doubly harming because they allow hunters easy access but are almost always too small for Behemoth to follow so it ends up HELPING the hunters.


Exactly why i am asking this. And i would like to actually get an answer. But by the looks of it no one has one. I dont know how to get the attention of a dev who might know.


Rock Wall is still so ridiculously inconsistent that it is not even worth one point in it’s current state in my opinion. Even with the past 2 tweaks in the last micropatches it is just so infuriatingly broken on way too many occasions.

ok holes

  • elite wildlife
  • behemoth himself

not ok holes

  • daisy
  • hunters
  • completely random holes

Behemoth is annoying enough to play as with his unnecessary slow animations all over the board.


@MrStrategio - Thoughts regarding rock wall holes?

I do believe that there is an instance where a downed hunter will create a huge hole in the rock wall and that is logged to be addressed. However, if there are instances where the holes are correct I am not currently aware. Brill may be able to shed more light on this! :smile:


The programmer working on Behemoth is trying to improve the rock wall code, but there will be 3 cases that are designed to make the rock wall fail to appear and create a “hole”.

  1. If a hunter would end up inside the rock wall then we remove the wall so they aren’t trapped inside it. Ex. incapped hunter.
  2. Large wildlife. Ex. Crowbill Sloth
  3. If the height difference is too extreme. Ex. placing it on the edge of the top floor of the fusion plant.


I agree, except why on behemoth? If hitting his center i understand, but i dont think it should if its just gonna hit his little bitty head.


On point 1, that does not include non incapped hunters correct? Because it would seems stupid to have that happen when it is supposed to do damage, but cant if it just wont hit.
2. I can understand that, im assuming that is because the large wildlife doesn’t have an animation to get thrown up and would just get stuck anyway.
3. Would there be anything we could see that would show the height maximum? Because i believe i have had it get holes on some cliffs that were lower than the top floor of fusion plant.

  1. It can include non incapped hunters if for whatever reason, they end up occupying the same space as a rock slab. The point is to not get a player trapped inside geometry. In most cases they should be knocked away, but if you were to do it in an enclosed space and they will end up inside, they’ll probably just take damage and remove the slab to prevent them from getting stuck inside it.
  2. Right
  3. The code for this is being worked on, so in future it may look alot better. The example I gave was an extreme height difference, but I saw it tested recently in Distillery with the new code where when cast on the bridge near the landing zone, it still managed to reach up and although it looked uneven, it was still pretty good.


Okay, so it should only happen if it can not throw the hunter back or forth. makes sense. Like hunter is backed to a wall, Behemoth rock walls and it would have trapped the hunter in the rockwall, so it makes a hole. I understand now thank you very much.
On a map with a bridge, would the rock wall form on top of a bridge, or underneath it?



The pc patch with the knockback momentum changes might have introduced a new way for holes in the rock wall.

Since the knockback momentum change was (unintentionally?) applied to tongue grab, it may also have been applied to rock wall. So if the hunters jetpack burst onto the AoE where the wall pushes them back, their speed may be canceled and they go straight up instead, breaking the wall below them. I’ve had several instances where the hunters went straight up instead of being pushed back when I placed the wall under them. If this is the case, I think rock wall should also be unaffected by the hunters momentum. It is a wall after all.


Ah you know i have noticed this as well, a hunter going straight up. I thought it was just a matter of where i hit them, but if it is as you say, a matter of them jet packing and the collision acting off then that should be looked at. I think today ill try to get some recorded stuff on the Behemoth to see what kind of rock wall shenanigans can happen.


@MrStrategio, could this be the case Brill? Would the momentum changes have affected rock wall as well?


Possibly, but I wouldn’t know. Testers have told me it’s been happening prior to those changes, but I would be interested to see how it’s working with the improved code.


Ever since the PC knockback change, whenever a hunter jet boosts at the wall while it is going up a hole will appear (no matter what is behind the hunter, including when nothing is behind the hunter)