Behemoth Robot Skin


I would totally buy a BOB skin that either made it look like a robot or transformer so I could say “Behemoth Roll Out”


Could happen though it would most likely look like scrap metal or flat sheets of steel


Don’t know if it applies to skins for existing monsters, but I believe the devs said that they probably weren’t going to add a robotic monster for lore(?) reasons


yeah robot wouldn’t make sense for feeding, but the behemoth’s already mostly stone and we already have a metallic monster skin. A skin replacing the stone look with steel would be cool.


Say the devs who made VOODOO skins for monsters…apparently the monsters believe in shaman magic


Optimus bob…best idea ever…of all time
(I’m wearing my ghostly auto bot symbol shirt right now :slight_smile: )


They could do one with Behemoth tho considering it is a rock monster. Maybe have different ores visible on Behemoth or make it molten metal


They could as they do have the Jade skin and I have heard rumors of a Gold Behemoth skin