Behemoth roars too underwhelming?


When playing Behemoth, it sounds really quiet when evolving, it doesn’t really make as much noise as the other three Monsters do. During the win cinematic, it also sounds very silent.

The animations and movement on Behemoth are great, but perhaps they should up the volume on its roars?


Turn your tv volume up?


I agree his stage 1 evolution process is extremely quiet except for when he leaves his cocoon, and his victory roar should be much louder than it is now


I’m ok with, makes it a little easier to hide. Lol


Right. That’s totally the issue. Silly me.


It’s a lot louder than Wraith, but I know what you mean. His roar is mighty but it doesn’t come across at distance as well as Goliath’s. It’s definitely unsettling, but it doesn’t feel as meaty or full-throated as I expected.


First time hearing it was terrifying.




I thoughts so too. They should add in that roar from the trailer


Yeah it almost sound bugged. Doesn’t sound right at all. On the hunter side it comes in loud and clear