Behemoth Revealed!


Now that’ll be interesting.


Now i’m even more intrigued :smiley:


Is there any videos of Behemoth actually climbing? or rolling on a map for reference?


Just the prototype footage that was shown in IGN.


Grab your phone and take some off-screen video for us. It can wait until tomorrow if you’re out of the office.

Thanks bruh.


Could you take a in game photo and show us please


Abe, meet Behemoth’s finger.

Just sayin.





:no_mouth: Oh… Wow.


I knew the fella was big but I didn’t think he was THAT big… :no_mouth:


What are the possibilities of getting a full body shot? :wink:


yeah! pre-order >:D


Last I heard they said to expect Behemoth around a month after release. Has that changed since?

Here is my concern - how easy is it for Behemoth to escape from the Hunters? Limited climbing and no ability to jump means the terrain of the areas are going to severely limit his mobility. Plus, he’s slow. I understand that he’s massive so he’s supposed to be slow, and that he picks up speed as he rolls, but if the hunters can just go over any terrain that he has to roll around, will he really be able to get away?

I’m just afraid that if the hunters catch him at Stage I, it’s just game over.



Is that a stage 3 or a stage 1?

Hopefully he’ll be collossus-climbable at stage 3, yes?

SOTC styled monster? Yes please.


I’m trying to think how maps will work with him. On fusion plant, I believe, if he goes off the waterfall the only way to get back into the forest is to go behind the building. Was he in mind already when designing maps?


You know what they say about monsters with big fingers


They wear really big gloves?


Who knows.

I still would like to see him side-by-side in his stages with the other monsters in their stages with the largest hunter as a comparison.

Does anyone want to break out the old XBOX HEUG image?

Probably make a joke involving Ugh-Zan