Behemoth return



Today i did a game against the behemoth.
Obviously he killed easily my team and to top it all she said “XD” (i hate these trolls).

But normaly, that’s not possible because the behemoth is under maintenance… So, wtf ? How can this guy can play this monster ? How can the staff can let him play ?


founder can play him and he is actually really bad. be happy if you face one


Only the people who owned him before EvolveStage 2 came out can play him. TRS are trying to make sure newer players have a great first time hands on experience (bug fixes and such) before making him available for silver keys. :slight_smile:


Oh ok, thank you, but i think it’s not fair and not fun :confused:


behemoth isn’t a terrible monster, you just need to focus on staying above him on cliffs.

Like others have stated, he’s slow and clunky. It just takes practice to beat.


Behemoth has always been considered underpowered on PC, so considering that Stage 2 is only on PC right now you should be happy that you sometimes face Behemoth instead of yet another tryhard Kraken player steamrolling you.

Hahaha… haha… ha.

: (