Behemoth Resistance


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Well seeing as how Behemoth takes so much damage when he attacks someone (as long as they shoot you, they will always hit that 2x multiplier) I came up with an idea to help Behemoth players not get annihilated.
What does he have covering him? Rock armor. Do the other monsters have that? Heck no. So wouldn’t it make since that he would take reduced damage on his armor?
This is my plan:
If you hit the rock plating Behemoth takes half the damage he would normally take (frommost weapons, Orbital strikes would do normal damage)
When you hit the guts, he takes normal damage. (1x, but can be anything from 1.5x-2x)
This would make it to where if you shoot him from behind, you would be dealing less damage than the person who is being focused and is shooting his guts. This allows players to stay in fights longer, but still have a ctitical weakness.
A problem with the high skill level needed with Behemoth, is that when a new player buys him, they want to have fun with him. But when you keep loising because you take so much damage, that player can feel that they were cheated. That they wasted money on a broken monster. And that shouldn’t be the case. Hope this isn’t the case fpr future monsters/hunters.


This should stay in the main Behemoth thread.


The problem with that kind of thread, is that post can get lost. Just look at some of the longer topics like Help Create a monster. You can barely find a post in there unless you know where it is.


You know why we do this during release week. The forums become too bogged down with posts, effectively pushing your topic down far faster than you would expect. The main discussion threads are there to keep the forum focused on each new shiney character in general.