Behemoth release


when will the behemoth monster be expected to be released for the dlc because there are test images so will it be released on the day that the game will come out or later?


A few months later, atleast that’s what we last heard.


ye this isn’t day 1 dlc
if you pre order it you just get the Behemoth dlc for free when its expected to be finished which is likely to be a month or a few months later

im pretty sure


I seem to recall a Dev mentioning at least a month, I can’t remember where, let me try and dig it up…

I can’t find it in my records or digging through Chris’ or Phil’s posting list so I might be wrong on this.


Spring, or is that the Tier 4 Hunters? Perhaps they all release together!


Probably not all together but one could hope eh. As for the Behemoth, the most accurate statement would be to expect it no sooner than a month after release.