Behemoth really needs a fix (it makes t4's look op because of it)


As far as I’ve seen Behemoth has one HUGE problem and that is the 2x damage bug, I can confirm that Torvald will get 2x just for shooting at its back almost all of the time, elite wildlife seems to do huge chunks of armor when they hit me, and in combat even with full armor and hp I just melt in a matter of a minute down to half-hp. Something is clearly wrong with how Behemoth takes damage and it makes the new hunters look REALLY op in comparison because not only are the designed to outmanuver (and indefinitely slow…) Behemoth, they also have a high damage output. So comparativly, Behemoth just melts in the first encounter (thank to sunny and crow, thats usually somewhere between stage 1 and stage 2 before you fill your armor).

On top of that rockwall has some notable issues with deployment, frequently giving me “buck teeth” that do nothing even when thrown in a perfectly usable doorway. Fissure has a tendoncy to do nothing when cast, and the damage of lava bombs just does not compare to its slow, unchangeable, and easily dodgeable cast.


That sounds like a crazy issue. Hope TRS fixes it, i wouldnt want to have a quick and boring behemoth match.


For me at lvl 40(PC) almost all games of Behemoth (given your trapper is not drunk) usually end with the behemoth dying before stage 3, usually melting if not flat out dying in the first dome. So for us it already is an issue.

*also, once you find said behemoth, (given your trapper is not drunk) you pretty much will NEVER lose its trail.