Behemoth Re-Release Date?


Is there any word on when Behemoth will be re-implemented into the game? I aware that the nerfs/buffs will be rolling out next week, but will Behemoth be rolling out with them? (See what I did there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


The devs dont have a date for it yet but i asume that it wont be long. There seems to be some issue with his abilities fizzling out that they are fixing. Once thats done, i expect that the devs will likely tell us.


Bob will be out when he wants.
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They said that Bob needs some reworking, and theyโ€™ll release it when finished. People who owned Behemoth before can still play him.

Honestly I just think he stole the cakes from the studio and the team punished it by banning it for a little while. :wink: