Behemoth Re-Introduction Date?


Is there any word on when Behemoth will be re-implemented into the game? I aware that the nerfs/buffs will be rolling out next week, but will Behemoth be rolling out with them? (See what I did there ;P)


+1 i want to know too


This monster;s current stats is “disabled” but I somehow still bump into him here and there, any explanation?


If you owned him in Legacy, than you can still play him. He is only unable to be purchased, not played


I still use behemoth sometimes, especially if i notice a lots of new players.

Behemoth is more forgiving for hunters ( im a bad bob player ), at least they know where to aim because of the huge size behe has. :sunglasses: Giving new players time to adapt.


I owned him on legacy on ps4 and both accounts are synced to same my2k yet i don’t have behemoth,explain?