Behemoth. QQ


Behemoth has so much health and armor. What is the tradeoff here? In other words, if he has so much health and armor, what does he not have that the other monsters do? You might say he’s not as mobile in fights, but I feel like that doesn’t make him any easier to kill.


Hes kiteable, has a massive weakspot, and is slow as a potato rolling uphill


but downhill hes a rolling ball of death :smirk:


Especially when I get that tounge/bomb/fissure combooooo
MLG Pro strats right there


I actually find the most satisfying part of brohemoth is those big forearms of his ^.^ wait wrong thread…

the grinding rock sound he makes when rolling is soo good, love that sound for some reason.
nah pro strat is fissure, midair tongue, then bomb


Same difference -.-
I just wish his tounge would work better vertically, It always hits the ledge and the hunter just sits there and laughs at da struggle ;-;


i wish it would extend faster lol


He’s a giant stone that can’t jump, he soaks up a lot more damage so he NEEDS to have more health and armor.


Thats what she said, Hurr hurr.

I definitely think its waaaay better than before tho, it actually grabs people. I remember when i used to try to use it.
That was agony ;-;
I actually think Bob is a bit on the powerful side atm, Im on a 7 stage 1 win streak and…yeah…thats cray


yeah, it was funny watching a thousand futile attempts of the tongue grab rock wall combo. even the ai fails miserably >.<


Oh jeez the AI, the AI is seal clubbing simulator,I let the poor thing reach stage 3 so that it can have a chance, otherwise its a 2 second fight >~<


hum, it extend pretty pretty fast now, to make it faster would be rather unfair


The satisfying feel of tongue grabbing a downed hunter from laz :slight_smile:


Has there been a further update on its speed? I’ve been kinda using Goliath non stop >.<


i find it very snappy, i d say about 1 second max before he grabs someone at max range with a level 3 tongue grab


He’s slower than all the monsters, except when he’s rolling.


'This. Painfully slow, no burst movement whatsoever. And have you ever tried jumping between high ground as a Hunter vs Behemoth? Pathetic, he can’t do a damn thing to touch you.

And with that HUGE weakspot, he melts. To be honest he goes down faster than any other Monster.


Rooose you just fight noob bobs, every good bob knows you don’t chase hunters


I fought a damn good Bob in MaddCow’s stream before. Only reason I went anywhere near low health is because of the bloody dune Beetle.


But what was his build? If he didn’t have tounge grab, hes doing it wrong