Behemoth Promised on to Monster Race


I have saved the page as seen to prevent any changes. According to the descriptions at:

PC Monster Race was entitled to Behemoth, for free, upon release. I purchased this edition under the impression that this page, with these listings, were true. Asterisks so you can see it quickly.

Please see listed info below.

This is for the gamer that is planning for the future and wants to save big bucks, right now. This version of the game jams in everything mentioned above: The Fourth Monster, Behemoth (when it’s available after launch), the Hunters Season Pass (the next four Hunters are yours as they become available after launch) and the Magma Monster skins. On top of that, this version locks you in for the Unannounced FIFTH Monster as well as the FIFTH and SIXTH DLC Hunters.

o MSRP: $99 (Online Only)
o Everything in the Digital Deluxe package
 The Game
 The Fourth Monster, Behemoth, when available after launch ***********************************************
 The Hunters Season Pass + Magma Monster skins
o The unannounced FIFTH Monster still in development
o Two additional Hunters (beyond the four available in the season pass)
o Four Monster Skins that are exclusively available for PC in this edition for 30 days. Because you are Monster Race. And you deserve bragging rights.
o Basically, we’re jamming in over $131 worth of content for $99 bucks. Apparently we are horrible with math.

It does not use the words monster expansion and places Behemoth in its own bracket under Monster Race, implying that it is part of the package anyway. If you wanted it to be the same, why is it not listed like the others?

If you are going to charge an extra 66% for a product off of base price, the least you can do is present the information in a way that is not misleading. I would not have purchased this package had I known Behemoth was not included.


It was only ever free if you pre-ordered.


Then why doesn’t it say Monster expansion pack (Behemoth + Savage Goliath skin).

In fact, it doesn’t even mention the savage goliath skin anywhere under monster race, implying the two were separate in this case.

There is also no listed prepurchase start or end date, unlike the other two editions, again implying that this package was separate.


It says you get it free in the MEP by pre-ordering.

“Get Behemoth for free in the Monster Expansion Pack by pre-ordering Evolve today, or purchase him separately for $14.99 when he becomes available as downloadable content this Spring.”


There entire presentation of the DLC was too numerous and confusing right from the start man.

There was no malicious intent behind any of it, to be clear, but most people will agree it was a clusterfuck in terms of presentation. A lot of people were confused, even people honestly reading everything fully and trying to understand.


The PC monster Race part I am taking issue with never promised the Monster Expansion Pack, only Behemoth. Again, bad representation had led me to believe the two were being treated separately. Why not just list Monster Expansion Pack in the description, LIKE ALL THE OTHERS, if it was going to be subject to the same deadline? If I’m correct I was promised, in your own words, Behemoth, not the monster expansion pack/goliath skin. Only the monster expansion pack was subject to expiry, which again leaves the question of WHY LIST IT DIFFERENTLY IF IT IS IN FACT THE SAME THING?

It even lists Behemoth again, after already saying that was in the Digital Deluxe package as the Monster Expansion, implying that again it is in fact seperate. If they wanted to make a preorder deal about Monster Race, where is the savage goliath listed, or does that just not come at all?

Monster expansion pack is stated nowhere in the package below, look at the page, the other packages have it listed underneath.

For reference:
And note that in one it explicitly states monster expansion pack and in another it makes absolutely no mention whatsoever. Also, unlike any of the other shown packages, there IS NO DATE OR INDICATION THAT THIS IS A PREPURCHASE DESCRIPTION ONLY, UNLIKE THE OTHERS. The others have dates or wording thus indicating that packaged content was subject to prepurchase.

Some quick math: If you just buy the game, that’s 60 bucks. Add on the Hunters Season Pass that includes four brand new Hunters and exclusive Monster skins, and that’s another $25. If you jump on the Digital Deluxe version, you save an additional five bucks for jumping in early. (And don’t forget that fourth Monster worth $14.99 that comes free with pre-order.)

o Pre-Purchase Start Date: 1/13/15 (Online Only)
o MSRP: $79.99 in US (You’re saving $5)
o Contents: Full Game + Monster Expansion + 3 Exclusive Monster Skins [Magma Goliath, Magma Wraith, Magma Kraken] & 4 Hunters, when they are released.
o Consumers will be granted the Monster Skins at launch and the Hunters when they are released.

o MSRP: $99 (Online Only)
o Everything in the Digital Deluxe package
 The Game
 The Fourth Monster, Behemoth, when available after launch
 The Hunters Season Pass + Magma Monster skins
o The unannounced FIFTH Monster still in development
o Two additional Hunters (beyond the four available in the season pass)
o Four Monster Skins that are exclusively available for PC in this edition for 30 days. Because you are Monster Race. And you deserve bragging rights.
o Basically, we’re jamming in over $131 worth of content for $99 bucks. Apparently we are horrible with math.


would have been way easiert this way.

normal game.
digital deluxe (with the first dlc which is the 4th hunter and behemoth)
monsterrace (everything the other 2 got +every dlc in the future.

just like battlefield does.


But they couldn’t even be bothered to list things in a clear and understandable manner.

I’m not sure I want anything else to do with this company now or in the future. I’m not sure I can trust them to deliver to me what I can reasonably draw the conclusion that I am paying for.

It’s all too ambiguous, and I have to question whether that’s a result of my stupidity, their incompetence, or their malintent in choice at this point. Seeing as others have had issue understanding this as well, as a cursory google search will indicate, I doubt it’s a failure from my own stupidity.


I got Evolve a month after release and still got Behemoth. The pre order thing is a load of rubbish.


It’s literally right there. Preorder.


The words preorder and expansion were NEVER used in the above monster race description, or am I blind?

Thank you for your help, splatteregg, I’m really happy about this now.

Another gem from a recent thread.

“So if you preordered a regular copy of the game, you get the Savage Goliath skin as what I thought was a thank you and should’ve only been given to the people that pre-ordered the game no matter what edition they got. They also got the Monster expansion pack (which was a great deal to save $15), but as I learned recently, the Monster Race edition was sold at either $60 or $70 AFTER the game was launched (based on the people I talked with). So they get tier 5, comsmic skins for the first 3 tiers of monsters, and the Jade skins for Behemoth all at either the same price, or just $10 more. For those people that paid $100 for the monster race edition also got gipped because they paid 30-40 more dollars for the same stuff as the people that got it for the smaller price. I can no longer say I am happy with this game and it’s decision making. What I’d suggest you do is give the people who preordered the regular game the same stuff as monster race ( at least SOME), and give the people who paid $100 for the Monster Race tier 6 and/or exclusive skins. This is an outrage. I feel badly for anyone who fell into this pit of bs with me.”

I can verify the Monster Race price drop shortly after launch, though it was only in the context of a sale, as they were trying to revitalize an already floundering player base. It certainly felt like a swift kick in the crotch to those of us that paid full price.

It’s not worth it at this point. Other than Leap Sheep! (or whatever), I have bought every game from this developer, or that they have openly contributed to, since and including Counter Strike Source in 2004, and it just doesn’t seem that they care about their players the way they did in L4D and L4D2 or before. In accordance with their change in values, I will no longer be purchasing ANYTHING from this developer, and I would recommend others do the same.


From the link OP posted:

I don’t even! What? I’m confused. What is the problem?


Pcmr Claims that you get behemoth in the bundle.

Some people believe it was only part of the bundle in combination with a pre order.

Op bought pcmr after release and didn’t get behemoth even though promised (as seen in the link)


This does NOT say you have to pre-order, the Monster Race Edition SPECIFICALLY includes -everything- that has been listed so far, VERY SPECIFICALLY INCLUDING BEHEMOTH WITH NO MENTION OF PRE-ORDER. It is therefore easy to extrapolate that the pre-order specific bonus was for non-PCMR editions, and PCMR was intended to get it no matter what.


I agree entirely. Each description which included Behemoth with the pre-order should have stated as much. Every other product has a pre-purchase start date except PCMR. How was this missed in editing?


Second topic about this today : Why no Behemoth for PC Monster Race?

Entire page is about pre-ordering, as stated in first paragraph :

There are a lot of great pre-order offers when you go into a retail store, but for those that want a copy of Evolve without getting off the couch: We got you covered. There are a couple options to consider to pre-purchase Evolve on Xbox One digitally to have the game ready to go on launch day. We want to quickly, easily walk you through how it’ll work for you.

Only mistake is to NOT have taken it down after game was launched, I’ll grant you that one.

Buy the game on the 2k store, Steam or other retailers, check your shopping basket and the product description, Behemoth is not here. What you sign for when you checkout is what you get.


This is really the only point that matters. If you came across that page and saw PCMR was clearly including Behemoth without any indication of a necessary pre-order, you would be rightly entitled to the false advertisement.


I would disagree to that, since there is ample mention on this page that this is a guide to pre-orders, and even a paragraph in big letters at the beginning stated that Behemoth would no longer be given for free once the game launches.

Though I will admit that there is room for arguing and I can see how someone could be confused.

Once again, ultimately, when you go to the shop and make the actual purchase, the entitlements are listed very clearly and do not mention Behemoth.


Actually, the OP is 100% right.

Behemoth SHOULD be included in PCMR. In the link he provided, you can clearly see that at the start it says that Behemoth is free if you pre-purchase.

BUT, he is not listed under either regular or deluxe edition, while he IS listed under PCMR.

If he was really in the PCMR only by preorder, why wasn’t he also listed in the regular and deluxe pack?

He was actually listed as monster expansion, but under PCMR he is clearly listed as Behemoth, and Savage Goliath is mentioned nowhere.

I prepurchased PCMR, but I thought Behemoth is a part of it by default. Had I bought PCMR now and not receive Behemoth, I’d be pretty pissed too.


The whole exclusive monster skin thing seems like a scam too. It seems as if they noticed the nebula skins made by one of the players and just quickly patched up something similar for the first 3 monsters. Then, they listed Jade Behemoth as a part of these skins even though it is unrelated to the cosmic skins and passed it off as the 4th exclusive skin.

I used to defend this game and it’s sale model in the past, but the longer I stick with it the more I see I was wrong.