Behemoth problems i think should be addressed


So I absolutely love the Behemoth and is almost my constant monster to play with when I do get chosen but I’v noticed a couple of issues with him I think should be taken care of in the next patch:

So the roll is amazingly cool but after the micropatch when you roll over small animals you just stop and start rolling the other direction for some reason, same goes when hitting edges of rocks or trees and stuff like that, it happens in every stage, even on the last one.

Rock wall:
The rock wall is still buddy and probably even buggier now after the patch since not only it still doesn’t go up for many time you try to execute it, now when you put it up there’s some sort of a lag that occurs in the first second you put it up (if it goes up correctly) which is you can still get damaged by shots being shot at you, it does it every time you put it up, no exception.

Tongue grab:
I managed to get the hang of the tongue grab but after this patch it started doing this weird thing where as to before when you grab someone you get him 100% of the time by your feet, where as to now sometimes when you tongue grab them they can still more freely in the air hens they just jetpack away in mid-air coming towards me.

That’s about it for what i have been experiencing with as a Behemoth ever since the new patch came, feel free to discuss whether other people had these issues as well or not.


Is it so hard to just post there?


that because i dont know how to post it over there :slight_smile:


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