Behemoth problem


Behemoth is my favorite monster but 9/10 (not just a random number. Literally nine out of ten) games I use him in freeze. What’s going on?


the servers crash or you lose coneection


What system are you on?


PS4. It happens a lot


Now everytime kt happens it counts as a win and loss?


Yeah I replied to a similar thread like this earlier
Try asking Brandini or Plaff


Macman already knows of this bug and he already file it, this is not a connectivity issue


It happens with Behemoth only most of the time, GhostRobo even posted a video of it


Fissure seems to freeze the game.


It’s not fissure, I don’t think. It happens wig others, but not nearly as often


…Behemoth Fissured the space-time continuum ?

Behemoth > Wraith


Happened to me with lava bomb on defend after using all the monsters in the campaign. It’s happened numerous times to me when using lava bomb (as he prepares to fire it while being attacked).