Behemoth Pounce Knocks Wildlife Through the Map


Last night I was playing some solo Hunt with Behemoth when it seemed like every time I pounced wildlife it knocked it through them map. The first time I did it I thought I just lost track of the mammoth bird but I did it 2 more time on different wildlife (Venomhound and Strider) and the same thing happened.

Anyone else notice this?


This happened to me online with an Obsidian Beetle, I was so confused. :smile:


So that’s why bodies disappear all the time. :open_mouth:


Happened to me the other day with a Strider. It fell through the map and I used smell and I could see it’s corpse falling.


No, this is just one of the ways…I have had bodies go through with all the monsters but this pounce thing is almost guaranteed on wildlife.


This is only something I have noticed happen lately. Before I never had a problem.

EDIT: I have had bodies fall through on me before. I haven’t had this pounce thing happen though.


The only monster that i play as is behemoth and i havent had this happen since alpha (with the other monsters) unless im right next to a wall


Not true. behemoth power attacks (and any attack that slams people into the ground) has been knocking people under the world since before the last patch.


Same thing happened to me as Goliath, occurred on Solo too.


Never happened to me, and I play as Bob 9/10 games.


It’s nothing to do with behe pounce specifically, maybe it is to with pouncing in general, no idea. But buffs are falling through the map a lot lately


Sorry, I’ll edit the post.

What I meant was I always had some bodies fall through, but this pounce thing just started happening to me lately.


I think 2 of them were buffs, at least 1 or 2 weren’t. Could the buff update have messed with them?


No need to apologize, I happenned to run into a few games where I got smashed through the world by behemoths, so I made a post about it. Saw yours, and felt like mentioning it.

Sad thing about these bugs is that they’re hard to repeat on command, and as such are hard to fix.


Well then I should be a QA tester because I was able to replicate it at least 3 times in a row without even knowing how :wink:


Who fucking knows dude… Anytime they touch anything, something else breaks, can’t even keep track of it at this stage