Behemoth players, BEWARE of dropship diving hunters!


When the hunters are skydiving at the beginning of the match they can easily see Behemoth if he’s rolling around in rock form because it’s fiery… and large… and FIERY! lol.

So be aware of this as you’re traversing the map while the hunters are dropping in.


Same thing happens if you’re Goliath & roasting some goodies near the start. I couldn’t figure out why hunters always found me so early on Fusion Plant & Weather Control until I actually paid attention when leaving the drop ship one day.


Yes, I have slaughtered so many stage one behemoths because of this :slight_smile:


Well, if you are rolling, then you leave tracks anyway so…

In the behemoth stream, they said you don’t want to play sneaky, but just get out of there.


What’s next? “Behemoth players, BEWARE of hunters, they shoot you”?

Silly thread


Not really, Behemoth is the only monster that really has to worry about hunters spotting them from the dropship. And Behemoth’s main disadvantage is his mobility, so even having 10 seconds of the hunters not knowing where you are is crucial for him to evolve.


Leaving tracks 100 meters away from grounded hunters is different than the hunters seeing you from 200 meters away as they’re dropping in.