Behemoth patch question


I know they fixed a lot of his issues (A+ for listening to the community, TRS). He has more armor and health now, but did they fix the issue where he was always taking 2x damage? Didn’t see anything about that in the patch notes and I haven’t played yet myself to test it.


Yeah, they fixed. It was even posted on the patch notes.


No it is not fixed - it is just going to happen less cause the weak area is now smaller, but it is still bugged as Behemoth continues to take 2x damage while he is rolling.

You merely aim at the middle of the ball, before it kinda was…everywhere…

You can however reliably turn your back on the hunters now and not receive 2x damage while in standard form. (I think, still testing)




No they didn’t Im still taking the x2 damage all the time. Why the hell they didn’t fix it in the patch they just put out is beyond me.


My best guess is that they simply don’t know exactly what is causing it so they just tried to shave it down a couple of levels while looking for the real problem.

Odd things like Behemoth hurting himself on Griffins sound spikes is still in as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see the reasoning behind releasing a monster that very clearly should still be in the testing phase.


Yeah I thought he was ready I guess not. And I haven’t heard of him getting hurt by sound spikes but that sounds ridiculous. I have noticed though that this damage bug doesn’t seem to happen to just the Behemoth


Money is the reason :wink:


Other than a non existent fissure yesterday I have had no more bugs with him.


After playing with him/against him today I can say he definitely looks fixed. Regular damage, more health and armor, smaller weak spot, all of these make him very tough to bring down if he utilizes his mobility and strength (especially in defend)


Really? It seemed like it was fixed to me. I guess i wasnt paying much attention at some points.