Behemoth Origins Theory


So now that the new DLC characters being released it leads a lot of question about or new and possibly favorite monster, Behemoth. In this topic Im going to try and dive in to his possible origins and see what we can piece together from this new DLC. In one of the loading screens which advertises the new monster and hunters it shows that Behemoth is the “scourge of Factor…” meaning that he was one of the monsters that once brought ruin to factor, Torvald talks about the AJAX(The ship he was in while also transporting a monster, Was it Behemoth? We do know for sure but In a round of hunt i had just killed Behemoth with Torvald and Torvald had just said “This is not the monster who slew the AJAX, he still lives” so that also bring up more questions, Was this dialogue intentional or was it a simple mix up? I do not know for sure, But why was the AJAX transporting a monster in the first place? Did Ebonstar want to find out the monsters origins or possible their weakness? Or better yet infuse the Monsters DNA with their soldiers to make them super soldiers? We know this is entirely possible as seen with Basilisk soldiers(Slim). Or even worse that they created the monsters and before Factor was destroyed and forgotten about, they needed some of their monsters back? Well there is no evidence so all we know is that they were transporting a monster for some reason. Even with the AJAX transporting a monster, was it Behemoth? Again we do not know for sure but Ebonstar needed for some reason for they wouldn’t transport a monster that wrecked havoc to Factor just for the lol’s. Maybe the monster that they were transporting was the “Queen”? Probably not but if any of you would like to help me with any more information to help this theory out, please do replay as your help is well needed.Thanks for checking this topic out!


I remember some dialog at Wraith Trap where Cabot was asking How Ebonstar made the wraith trap within 24 hours after the first wraith encounter,
I’m starting to think the Monsters are man made.


Caira also talks about the eggs being “goo” related. If anything Ebonstar landed on shear after having monsters with them and yet no one seems to mention that their might be a possible connection. Since Ebonstar was on factor it is possible that they might have had a hand in the appearance of the monsters, And cabot did talk to Parnell if he where to control a planet would creating a monster be the way he would do it. Maybe Ebonstar saw the rich resources of Shear and they decided to take control of it and maximize their army.


in a dialouge they make it pretty obvious that they knew about the outbreak months before the hunters came so might just be that?


If you kill Behemoth on Defend with Torvald, he says, “Behemoth! It is not you who killed the Ajax!” Same for the Wraith.