Behemoth or the Dome?

I just recently played Behemoth on stage one, trying to escape. Only to have the trapper use his dome thingy. Funny thing is that I would have escaped the dome if not for the invincible wall that stopped me. If felt like the dome had already been placed but the animation had delayed untill it had been currently set. Is this supposed to happen or is it a bug?

The dome is now instant, you cannot escape one

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Fuck me… That’s a cold one for the monsters, but I’d rather the animation for the dome be instant rather be delayed so I won’t be like WTF?

Dome is instant to avoid getting the Monster stuck… Kinda B.S

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I don’t think that it’s instant, but more exceptionally quick. I think that the dome animation isn’t quite matching the speed of the blocking wall, but that will be fixed in a future update, I believe.

This has already been looked into by the Devs. It’s working how they want to, but the visual of the dome coming down isn’t matching with the “invisible wall” that people are complaining about.

That wall IS the dome. The grid is just a second behind the actual effect. They’re gonna fix it.

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Nice thanks, may as well close this thread then.

As requested by OP.