Behemoth or t4 hunters?


As of now all platforms have the new monster and hunters and I’m pretty sure that’s all people have been playing and seeing for a while so I wanna know everyone’s opinion on balance between the new characters. As for me I played behemoth and won about half the time and I noticed I got melted really fast but I can’t tell if it’s behemoth or torvald. I wanna hear about things like that from other players so share and please be friendly.


So far I’ve only lost one game as Behemoth, and that was against bots when I overcommitted to a dome fight early on. Torvald definitely packs a wallop, my only online game as him we fielded all T4s against a Goliath and the dude sat back in the dome at Stage 1 for a few minutes, fire breathing to keep us away, when he noticed half his health was gone.

I think that Behemoth is fun to play and will definitely be a contender once we get some skills with him.


There’s a hub directing you to all four megathreads for these Hunters. I’ll post it here for you:

It’s pinned at the top of your topic list.


There you go- these threads are already fleshed out and will prove useful to you.

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