Behemoth op


Behemoth is so op each time there is a behemoth I am like we lost Fisher is so op lava bomb op please nerd Fisher you can’t escape Fisher please nerf behemoth

Bob appreciation thread 2.0

There’s already a thread about this. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @ToiletWraith


None open that aren’t necros. I think it’s OK. I don’t agree, but it’s a discussion that isn’t currently open.

To the OP, though:
The next title update is supposed to be a huge patch with bug fixes and massive re-balances to how the game works. I know it’s not immediate, but it’s the soonest thing we’ll get for Bob. There are also numerous threads detailing how to deal with him.


All of this is counteracted by the fact that behemoth doesn’t move much. Stay up high and keep mobile.


It got closed since it was old :open_mouth:

So I guess I’ll leave this one opened, but thank you for the tag :slightly_smiling:


Yeah this. I mean he stands still for all of his moves. I just can’t see behemoth as OP I play a lot of hunter anymore at sliver rank, and I do not fear behemoth.


Not OP, just strong.


Behemoth is only OP when the hunters are on the same plane of the map as him.


I have said it and I keep saying it :stuck_out_tongue:
Bob is grossly underestimated 'cause sheep say hes bad.

Hes just as strong as any monster

'cept. Kraken. Too strong.


Behemoth is clearly OP. It used to be balanced but now there are some maps where hunters can’t do anything. If he succeeds to do a Tongue Grab + Wall in a cave or at some particular relay, you go down for sure.

He is as OP as the Kraken in a good monster hand and on Behemoth favored maps.

Every evening in Hunt, we encounter more Behemoth than any other monster…


Playing a good bob on barracks is bad aswell… They quickly feed in the west, then just stay inside the cave area and evolve from stage 1-3. Maybe the last 2 bobs were just lucky for the food in caves, they did not come out on any side.

Then going relay and wall destroy… If he goes through the back of cave he can go both sides to relay which makes it a pain to dome him outside of relay


Behemoth’s burst is pretty strong, and once his bugs are fixed he may become even stronger than some people might think. People don’t seem to realize how strong a gap-less rockwall really is, especially when placed really well.

Tongue needs to pull a hunter straight to the behemoth instead of making them fly through the air for ~3 seconds. That way combos are harder to pull off.


I remember, in the Gorgon stream, I think it was Tara, said they fixed a bug just before the patch and could include it in the patch because the person fully explained the problem and gave them an easy way to recreate it. She explained that it was much more efficient than saying, “Shit’s broke, yo.”

I know, slightly different context, but point stands. In what ways, specifically, do you think he is OP and how fo you suggest he be remedied? I can’t imaging the Devs have any idea of what to do about it if you just says he is OP.


That´s EXACTLY what happened to my team recently, every single aspect of your game description. I didn´t feel to have done any major mistake in the game, it was just weird how we lost there without dealing damage. Our (desperate?) plan for this playstyle is to follow him into the caves like a suicide sqaut- assault in front, dome him, dealing damage as hell, risking to get strikes only that he´ll leave the cave and evolve somewhere else, where we could dome him (if it´s already on cooldown and if the team is still alive). That was our theory - still not optimal, but I rather die trying than getting killed/rockwall-relais stage 3. Same for weather control by the way. Wildlife spawns is enough to stay in the cave for stage 3.


I´d just wait for the upcoming patch instead of unrolling (haha, see that^^) the whole OP/UP argumentation about Bob…


his roll spam need to get fixed this is the only thing i hate on him


Behemoth is not OP…like every other monster he takes a different approach. You said the tongue grab/rock wall is a instant down in a cave–NEVER FIGHT BEHEMOTH IN A CAVE!
Once he’s out of his traversals it makes it easier to move around him because he’s not as fast around the field.
Lava bomb already got nerfed because people stood in it (sounds like that’s maybe what you’re doing?) it’s okay to take the initial hit but the extra lava pools are the death trap.
Rock wall is really only useful with 2 or 3 points into.
Fissure, it’s windup is pretty big so dodging it shouldn’t be too hard…just gotta keep in mind that it travels.
Tongue grab has its flaws and like rock wall, if they only have one point in it then it’s range isn’t too great.

Stick to open areas with elevation, and objects that can slow him down when caught in a arena…the entire team has to know the game plan. Behemoth will stomp pubs left and right, but against skilled organized hunters who knows his mechanics and the do’s and dont’s…Behemoth becomes a little more on the UP side but not too much where it’s a instant loss.
The thing is to try and practice against good monsters (not bots unless it’s the Goliath(s). cause they just don’t give a damn.

Those are just a couple tips and my insight…do with it what you will.


Problem is: if you don´t fight in a cave areas, you give him free stage 3.

I´m discussing Bob a lot atm in terms of the Rockwall-relais-fight at stage 3 and the most frequent answer I get from a lot of experienced players is: Dome Behemoth as much as possible, deal damage as much as possible - if you don´t - well then you are screwed. So if a Bob stays in the Caves the whole time (weather control, barracks, broken hill foundry + mine, the dam…) he has most def enough wildlife to get stage 3. So you NEED to fight him everywhere, even in bad spots, if he doesn´t want to come out before stage 3!




Just stop…


Nah, he is not OP.

He just plays differently.
E.g as others say, Kraken is more OP than behemoth, but…for me, he is the weakest of the monster.
All monsters may seem unbeatable when played by a good player…and, when playing against elite hunters, all monsters seem week and UP.

Behemot is fairly easy to beat. Most hunters i play against make the fatal flaw of grouping tightly together, so a fissure will damage all of them at once. Use long range only, and stay far away. He needs to waste his stamina to get to you, and after that, he is a slow target. Stasis grenade + orbital = good damage.