Behemoth OP, plz nerf

Yes exactly that.

Sounds like you’re just hitting the ledge. Not really a glitch persay, I would say it’s just good positioning.

@FishyG23 You can still dodge the next ability if behemoth fails to combo properly. Dodging to the sides of Behe are typically your best bet.

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Well, if you’re stuck in mid air flying towards Behemoth you dont get much of a chance to dodge.

Yeah, that’s the point of the ability. If you hit the ground in time, and behe didn’t time properly, you can dodge to the side. Sometimes scotch free. Most behe’s do time it right though.

Keep going thread!

you people amuse me :smiling_imp:

Tis a bug

Huh. I don’t think it should be changed, personally, but eh.

Is this what you are referring to? This is not the same thing. We were talking about being pulled from a cliff, and then the cliff stopping the momentum, not the hunter.

Please do point out what you are referring to, as I’m blind.


What I mean is a player being stopped by solid objects.

It’s right under Behemoth’s in progress.

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Ah, I am blind. Sadly, tis a bug.

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Better hunter teams know how to use map destructible to hide behind so he cant tounge grab you but you can still shoot thru… and also all his heavy initiates or big combos start with tounge you avoid that he cant combo …

There is also a tactic to get away from tongue grab you need to practice this a lot to get it to work if you jetpack out of tongue grab just after your body tumbles for the first time you get out of grab animation. Test this with your premades … but u should be atleast 15-20 mts for this work if you are on ledge and get grabbed wait a lil bit and boost back if you time it correctly u should be able to get back to ledge.

Strafing all the time and jumping ( without jetpack) makes tongue miss so keep oscillating even if he is not focusing you… and if you have daisy in your team stay behind her Bob cannot tongue precisely when daisy In front of you without wasting time exposing his weakpoint

Your tactic is a bug that is going to be fixed so yeah…

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If hunter teams could beat the Kraken back in the day, then surely they can beat a Bob now.

Behemoth was a pille of trash and he just got some re-work and now he is doing too good.Why he is doing so good?

Because hunter teams sucks against Behemoth.Hell even if you put the best Behemoth play against the top ESL teams he might actually win because no1 has practiced against him.

Then after 2 days of practice Behemoth won’t take a win ever again.

My point: Get good.


I’m just a little irritated on how massive LB’s rocks are. I mean visually you’re not even near the rocks yet you’re still set on fire… And I feel as though online LB is bigger then it should be. One jetpack dash should be more then enough to clear it…yet I keep getting hit by it…I don’t understand…I think lag is somehow involved.

Behemoth is my main monster and i have been doind very well with him(top 15), and yes level 2 he is very strong but the issue is getting to level2 saefly. Whice is hard with him. a good hunter team can find you easily at stage one or evolving stage to 2 and will destroy you. At leat thats ny exprience

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Not really OP, but he definitely didn’t need so much damage buffs, what he needed is a better mobility. Maybe just increasing cooldown on lava bomb will make it reasonable, or maybe tongue grab should be as dodgeable as wraith’s abduction is.

I mostly find behemoth to be in a good spot power wise at the moment. He’s VERY strong but then again he really should be. I did experience some kind of glitch last night where lava bomb one shotted and assault with almost full health (literally went boom, down, he wasn’t standing in the lava pools for more than a split second)but that’s the only time I’ve seen it happened so I guess it was just an error.

Behemoth is a big pub stomper, that’s all he really is. He’s extremely good at punishing bad positioning but still doesn’t really stand a chance against a good team :s


The biggest problem is his tongue, aside from the fact that it’s as buggy as abduct, it gives him too much control. I have no problem with his damage being increased even more, but I think tongue grab shouldn’t exist

There’s nothing wrong with Bob, and everything wrong with a matchmaker putting bronze noobs up against silver or better monsters. You don’t have to be pro, just above average to counter Behemoth.