Behemoth OP, plz nerf


I made a topic similar to this a while ago saying that Behemoth might be OP, but I just brushed it off thinking I was getting unlucky with teams, or needed to adjust around him. I did for a while, but then I started realizing how powerful he can actually be. I managed to find a good team who all had mics, and we planned out our strategy every time we fought Behemoth (which was a lot), we were getting elevation, spreading out, just trying the best we possibly could but the damage a decent Behemoth can do is ridiculous. Its even glitchy sometimes, considering I saw a teammate go from half to no health in one punch. And then there is rockwall, a behemoth uses tongue grab, and then traps you away from your medic and support. That is a large amount of time right next to a monster that can melt you if you have no movement options or healing. It makes it so a monster can kill you within the time that the rockwall is up easily. Just so I could see both sides of the situation, I decided to play as the new Behemoth. I killed an entire silver master team with good elevation with even getting a dent to my health. If you dont agree with me, thats fine by me, but I have a feeling he will be getting toned down a lot soon.

Behemoth op?

slaps you


You can win danggit!!!


Im not saying you cant win, Im just saying the better Behemoths know that the hunter team doesnt stand a chance.


I’m pretty sure they can. Remember how Behemoth is. He’s an area controlling monster. If you stay where he manipulates, then you alone will go down. If your team is the same way, well, let’s just watch dominos fall for a demonstration.


I have been doing VERY well with Behemoth! His lava bombs are insane and if the hunters don’t want to go in my fire I roll them over until they die.

Bob is my favorite but does feel too powerful right now. Might be that people need to figure out how to fight him again though. Hunters do not respect the lava bomb enough.


As a behemoth player I can confirm that there is a simple combo of level 2 tongue-grab=>fissure=>roll/heavy hit that insta-kills a hunter, then just top it off with a lava bomb if they somehow survive and escape out of pounce range. Then just rinse and repeat until all of them are dead.


As one of a few primary behemoth players, he was nerfed in some places and buffed in others.

There is a team combo that if done correctly absolutely rapes the behemoth, but I’m not gonna tell because then everyone will play with it and I will lose a few more games.


Only roll damage and stage 3 Health needs nerf


Really, it doesnt matter either way. Me and my team were being very cautious, never following them into caves and only doming in good spots. But if a Behemoth does a tongue grab and rockwall, its GG. I think a lot of people are denying the power of Behemoth because of how he used to be, a giant huggable monster, or they havent played against any Behemoths that actually know what theyre dong.


Have you ever tried the X formation?


AKA Delta split!


Exactly! :slight_smile:



Nerf the monster which still has the easiest abilities to dodge? No thanks.


Not sure if he needs nerfs. I would like to see his win/loss in the mid to higher divisions. I haven’t had much trouble with him with my premades while bouncing to different sliver divisions.


I think I know who you mean, my brother…


Try dodging a fissure or lava bomb after he hits you with a tongue grab and you’re completely immobilized.


I don’t get hit with tongue grab.


He’s only OP against pubs, but every monster is OP against pubs, so I guess we should just nerf them all eh?


Position yourself behind things like pieces of terrain or scenery that stops TG from pulling you all the way and anytime you see Bob rear up in anything like your direction you MOVE. :stuck_out_tongue: Spread out. If Support gets tongue walled, Medic must have LOS. If Medic gets tongue walled, Support must have LOS. Hard against an L3 wall but not impossible.