Behemoth OP nowadays?


Just won a match in Behemoth, no health lost and at stage 2. Its been a while since Behemoth was released so what is the general community opinion now?


Eh, I don’t think a single match is enough to decide anything.


Still UP over here.

<ten bobs.


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i believe the general thought is that behemoth is slightly UP, but is still a decent pubstomper


I think hes just amazed that he could possibly win a match as Behemoth

It must be OP


People will say he’s UP, I will say he’s very strong in the right hands


I’m kinda out of touch with what the Evolve community thinks about stuff so just thought I´d ask.


Strong at pub stomping yes. Against teams with coordination? Ehhh not so much.


Bob is sad


He’s strong until he encounters a patient team that positions and stays at a distance. Then he falls apart.


Well, thanks for helping. On a related note, what about Gorgon?


There are behemoth players out there who have taken the time to understand how to play him, and while his success can be regarded as situational to both maps and dome locations in maps, if you’re facing a Behemoth at stage 2 that knows that you don’t just sit back, sometimes you go on the offensive and make use of that roll damage, and uses the right combo of tongue/rock and lavabomb… they can systematically undo even the most co-ordinated team.

If they fix issues with rockwall that currently allow hunter teams to get away with getting caught out on defensive (beam) team comps, he’s going to be formidable against even premade teams in the right hands. His combos almost rival Kraken, and his survivability/mitigation ability is actually the strongest in the game thanks in no small part to his health and armour pool.


Since a Bob win is considered as an event, I guess not.


A bob win?


Bob = Behemoth, and people like to play up how little he wins, ignoring that he’s the monster that wins the most online atm.


Behemoth’s nickname.


I know it and it has nothing to do with bob, just pubs.


Behemoth OP nowadays?

not again


Most monsters I see nowadays are either Kraken or Gorgon so I assumed “Bob” is unpopular.


Read the description.