Behemoth (Not Roll) Melee Spam


So… I don’t know if this has been reported or not, but I just witnessed behemoth do like 10 attacks in a row without rolling, like 6 times. He mainly did it when he had one of us incapped, and then he went crazy. Will try to get a video.

I’m on Xbox One.

Behemoth melee attacks need nerf!

Was there pieces of lava coming of him?


The way you posted, you make it sound as if behemoth is acting completely normally. I sometimes will attack 10 times in a row as well.


No, I mean like 10 times in a row, within 2 seconds… O_o (He was attacking really fast.)

[quote=“Kozilla9, post:2, topic:59614, full:true”]
Was there pieces of lava coming of him?
[/quote]I can’t recall, I don’t think so.


That happened to me once, but I ignored it because of how rare it was


I’ve had this happen to me on PS4 when fighting a behemoth in broken hill mine. I was playing assault, found behemoth at stage one, he got me against a wall and I put up my shield and he just went berserk and using nothing but hyper speed melee attacks downed my shield, and then incapped me from nearly full health over the course of roughly 5 seconds. He then did the same to the trapper and medic and support cloaked and ran. None of us had any idea what happened.


Lucky for you support ran cloaked or the behemoth would have chased him


The roll bug is back and uses basically no stamina. You can go into roll and use a big attack, roll big attack, etc and down/kill hunters in seconds.