Behemoth New Hitboxes

I wont be able to watch it for a while for I am somewhere where I cant.

For some odd reason the second part didn’t record :frowning: all well also the match had a slight texture glitch where a giant texture floor was wedged upwards sticking out of the map O_0

The best way to escape a tongue grab, is to not get hit by a tongue grab. Just sayin’.

And I don’t know why I posted this here.


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Does anyone else here use rock wall as a damage dealer in their main offensive?

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It’s really hard to judge Op/Up while there are the glitches that plague him. There are ways to be mindful and sometimes even mitigate the consequences of the glitches a little bit (angling your roll when you bump into wildlife), but any time you really need something and it fails you, that’s going to hit you hard. It might cost you a bar of health, or getting that strike on the assault, or that window of opportunity for getting at the medic, or even get you domed. While it’s totally true that you can work around some of the glitches, that adds another level of skill and awareness (and inconsistency) to Behemoth play. It’s just going to be hard to get him balanced when he’s got these bugs, and when sometimes he’ll play a game with no bugs and work as intended (doing the damage as intended and such) and sometimes he’ll get unlucky and just have a terrible day (missed abilities that could have otherwise led to strikes/mitigation/damage on relay/food, etc.)

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It is listed in the official bug list by TRS, and they are working on a fix.

TRS has said that they are balancing him for general play first, then fix bugs, then work on competitive. It seems like a reasonable plan, but it is unfortunate that it has been a long process.

Yeah, a lot of the bug fixes for him require a title update, so they have to go through the whole submission process.

Also, tagging me in this just made me realize how log it’s been since I updated that page. I know we’ve had other fixes worked on, like the broken Ps4 newsfeed. I should look into getting that updated tomorrow.


No. No. Never this. It is completely unreasonable to blame game breaking bugs on players not casting the ability in a way that (might) avoid the bugs.

“Your rockwall had a gap because you didn’t cast it perfectly avoiding some unknowable terrain wart that will give it a gap.”

“Don’t rock wall when medgun and shield beams are on someone, that’ll cause a gap.” Supposedly fixed patches ago, just happened to me today.

“Make sure your target isn’t on fire from your lava bomb because the damage might cancel out your tongue grab.”

“Make sure you don’t tongue grab someone in a way that does damage too them because that’ll also cancel it out.”

“Don’t case fissure against geometry where the fissure will clip through the world.” This would require prescience as there’s no way to tell what terrain will trigger this.

Blaming bugs on the player is nonsense. Pure nonsense.

Case and point: on Refueling Tower where Armadon and Blitzleopard packs tend to be I have cast Rock Wall on completely clear and level terrain with no hunter in the wall, no beams going through the wall, no wildlife in the wall, yet a section of the rockwall right in the middle didn’t appear. I couldn’t have “cast it better” or “used it more correctly”.


Daisy is the absolute worst for the Behemoth. She always gets in the way of a rock wall and she will make a hole every time.

Fair enough but work arounds exist and in the current patch you need to use them I believe all of the tongue grab bugs should be fixed but I am on the side to if a player tanks the rock wall damage that it should have a hole
I don’t know how they’ll fix geometry bugs on rock wall either that sounds as hard to patch as God domes

I agree, I like holes when a medic tries to get it by it to create a hole xD

I think it’s about as hard to patch as Mobile Arena gaps. Oh wait, mobile arena never has gaps…hmm.

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I respect you man but if you’re attempting to be a smartass you’re only going to make yourself look worse
I was simply stating that bugs and exploits that have to do with map geometry are extremely difficult to patch such as God domes and map exploits

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Fuckin’ right, man.

This makes sense in a way, but it’s not about a glitch for god domes, It’s about players being assholes and abusing the dome. Throwing a god dome would be a lot like a monster abusing something to leave the dome, or to instantly put a strike on a hunter. throwing a rock wall and having holes in it is more like Laz going in to revive, using his glove (the cooldown goes off) but the person doesn’t revive. Maybe it was a really pivotal revive, maybe you needed that revive to win the game. Maybe you had just pulled some crazy clutch shit and eluded the monster, or were sacrificing yourself to revive that player, but now all that is meaningless and you have to wait for the cooldown to come back to try again. That’s what it is like when you get holes in your wall. If you need it to be a full wall to survive and it isn’t, then you don’t survive. If you need to rez your assault to win, and you can’t because of a glitch, then you don’t win, because of a glitch.

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I don’t see why the rock wall has to break for map geometry in the first place. Breaking for things like the large wildlife and hunters is sensible because them getting pushed through the map is a big deal. why would anyone care if plants, breakable rocks, or other misc objects fall out of the map, they don’t do anything anyways.

A big no to “and hunters”. They take damage and stumble either outward or inward depending on where they are located in relation to the wall forming. I call bullshit on hunters being able to force gaps in Rock Wall; that’s tantamount to giving hunters an ability to completely negate a Behemoth ability. Rock Wall isn’t a Behemoth “damage dealer”. Taking a rock wall “for the team” isn’t the same as jumping in front of a Rock Throw to protect another teammate. Rock Throw is purely a damage dealer so the person tanking it is still taking substantial damage (or shield consumption).

I’ll provisionally accept that 3 meats or higher wildlife will cause gaps. Other than that, no gaps in rock wall. Ever. Period.

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No, I mean if they can’t be pushed out of the way the wall breaks rather than glitching them through the geometry, ofc you want to not break the wall, but if the alternate is the hunters falling out of the world, then so be it.

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The alternate is moving them to the clear side of the wall, if, say, pushing them out would pin them impossibly against terrain. Now they’re inside the wall when, without terrain, they would have been outside. Or vice versa.

Its funny to think of rock wall and what not like this.

I more or less early on just accepted it as a rock wall “mechanic” that “Hey, if I spawn a rock wall ON wildlife/hunter/etc, its GOING to have a hole in it, better no do that”- And never really saw it as a bug. I only got annoyed when my rock wall DIDNT hit anything (that i could see) thatd put a hole in it. But for the most part, i find it pretty easy “in combat” to NOT spawn my wall on a hunter. Its something i actively aiming to do.

(Mind you please note i am NOT arguing, just conversing on how ive always taken it)

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Yes behemoth has been plagued by bugs for awhile. He was useable the he got nerfed due to boonies during too much against competent monsters. Now it’s rough to fight even bad teams yet a good team will wreck you in no time. I literally had one game where it said I landed 30 tounge grabs yet almost never downed a hunter due to them slipping out. Even have a video of a dead on hit and he didn’t even move.