Behemoth needs a lot of fixing


Im getting a lot of rock walls that break up and have huge gaps in them this happens almost every game. Im also getting fissures that are either not showing up but the cooldown timer starts or the fissure goes the direct opposite aiming. I get stuck on ledges trying to climb up i just start sliding off of the edge when my climb ends unable to keep going foward. Small wildlife stops a massive rolling boulder dead in its tracks. This doesnt make sense to me at all, idk if its a bug or what but i felt like it could be helpful.


cosign; I have been shot at through my rock wall and its disrupted me from eating. I use fissure and sometimes it doesnt activate. I have climbed up ledges and slid off before but I’ve still been able to climb up even if it takes couple tries. I have been stopped by little monsters when rolling away yeah not realistic. Just a side note I use parnell and his super soldier ability doesnt work sometimes. Theres lots of problems with this game man. I havent even been able to load into a game all night.


Cabot? Or someone was above you.


it was actually buckets sentry shooting through my rock wall nice try pal


Yep, I hate that too, my rock wall almost everytime leaves the middle open :<


Ok. 10 roses


Rock walls are useless right now, too buggy.


i put two points in at stage two thats it


Definitely buggy, but I’ve found that using it at a point that isn’t too close to the Behemoth himself has made it at least a little more consistent.


I think I’ve had this bug as well, but I thought it was a visual bug. I made a full wall, no holes, but still saw hank’s laser cutter coming through. I’m not sure if it did damage, though, cause it was missing.

I don’t get holes in my walls often. For the most part, I think they’ve done a good job fixing it. If i do it’s because I picked a bad spot to cast it from (stuff sitting in front of you that blocks the rock projectile lines, similar to how you cant throw a rock if you’re too close to a wall or standing in front of a tree), or bad place to target it (made it too close to myself, targeted corner of the ground + cliff.


This is intended and was explained by the devs, you aren’t supposed to be able to place the rock wall too close to yourself.


They still work well enough


It was supposed to be fixed in that micro patch but yes I see it a lot gaps but I think his tongue grab is more glitchy doesn’t work most the time!


Well that’s bad design on their behalf I mean cmon if you getting hammered you will put a wall up regardless so your theory or theirs is stupid


Explosives can hit you through walls. Just like Cairas healing can heal people through walls, just like rock throw can hit you through walls, just like vortex can hit you through walls. It won’t change. Don’t stand close to your wall.


Yes… It is atm. Lets hope they figure out what’s wrong with it.


Don’t forget about the ducking annoying bug where the game freezes with Behemoth stuck with his hands in the air.


The reason they don’t let it spawn close to you is so you don’t get stuck, or use it like an elevator (depending on how the physics work).I wouldn’t be opposed to being able to use it as an elevator, but it would probably just cause a lot of bugs.


Lol like there ainte plenty of bugs anyway, a few more won’t matter on ps4 at least.


Yes happens on ps4 a lot it’s kinda funny the animation.