Behemoth needs a damage nerf


To the people saying behemoth needs a buff your wrong, Its capable of easily winning stage one, has double the armor and almost double the health of a Goliath and has the capacity to instantly incapp someone at 100%, yep thats right I’ve seen a behemoth instantly incapp a player with 100% HP at stage 2 thats stupid maybe double strike but not full hp no strikes


Just tested this myself solo monster damage favored elite behemoth and damage buff didn’t one shot barely got below half so the player was hacking or some BS went on @MaddCow or @MidnightRoses can one of you please close this thread



[quote=“Seto, post:1, topic:59343”]
has the capacity to instantly incapp someone at 100%
[/quote]With 2x damage bug, maybe. still requires hunters to have terrible positioning tho.

All monster’s have really deadly combo’s. the trick is to not get caught by it, using your wits and positioning yourself properly.


This thread just gave me cancer… You hunters have had enough buffs and the game is obviously hunter favored right now and you hunter still want monster nerfs? I’m ashamed…


lol, nice troll thread


Because of Big B’s large size, his slow climbing speed, and the cost of his transversal, I feel like Big B needs the armor and damage to balance the fact that he can take tons of damage from far away hunters. He can punish players who get too close.