Behemoth more OP in Defend than Kraken

  • Can destroy turrets in three melee attacks.
  • Can Lava Bomb Relay from twice the distance of Lightning strike.
  • Lava bomb can be used again before the last one even expires.
  • Lava bomb does more damage than lightning strike.
  • Fissure can insta juggle hunters even if they are on the other side of the relay.
  • Rock wall can block off hunters from defending their relay.
  • He can’t die.
  • he swats hunters like flies with basic punch.
  • only required 75% of the amour bars needed compared to other monsters.
  • And he can tongue the relay.


But seriously though Behemoth needs a slight rework for the mode. Evac is a mode I really enjoy right now, as it is the only loby where the meta isn’t Sunny tier 4 master race.


Well that’s like saying Wraith needs a buff in defend mode cause she dies too easy but noone seems to mind that a monster has a disadvantage. Plus after hunters get swatted they come back. Defend isn’t supposed to be balanced i believe (I heard it was more focused on fun than balance.)


Not entirely you make very valid points that make sense and i have experience these. But behemoth has a health and armor bar made out of thin paper, with that huge weak spot a turret takes out at least 3 bars of armor while hes hitting it, and there’s two of them, then any assault can just pound that weak point and support and trapper lay into him and just demolish him. granted with his huge health pool he always gets past the first gen, but i have only lost against a behemoth once before on defend.

Just pick torvald and you’re good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Guys like an A10 Warthog


Behemoth is good on defend, however I just want to say Lightning strike has just as much if not more range than lava bomb if you have line of sight. I played 2 games of behemoth on defend, because of the skirmish bug, and to me it seems like the best strategy is to aggressively pursue the behemoth. Dome him before he can take out any turrets and just keep fighting him, away from the generators. The generators will last a lot longer if you keep the turrets up by fighting behemoth before he can destroy them.

I know the mode is called defend, but I think attack is better vs behemoth. You basically have a time limit / condition to kill the monster, with infinite health strikes / respawns. Crow seems pretty good too, constantly chipping at behemoth.


Tier 4 master race.


We predicted Behemoth would be strong on Defend, before he was even released. ^.-
I suppose we were right.


When I play Behemoth on defend with my friends, they usually play a different approach. They dome me in spots where I can’t reach the reactor, and force me to spend a minute or two chasing around a hunter, burning important time from the clock.


Don’t the minions help you?


The minions don’t actually last very long to the withering fire of hunters. They’re great if available to support you. But otherwise speedbumps in the highway of a defend map.


Then you should be attacking the same target as them. The hunters cannot keep up with both of your damage.


The AI on the minions is to attack the generator until at 25% health, then split off to attack people… at which point their lifespan is pathetic.