Behemoth, monster or teddy bear?


As of right now it does not take a massive amount of skill to win as Behemoth, the damage he can do with the coming out of roll attack (which will now be called the super slap) far out weighs the hunters ability to make use of the permanent x2 damage and the fact the he is very hard to miss, the DPS that he can do with the super slap is as of right now the Behemoths bread and butter but what happens when his super slapping days are done.

We all know this is a game breaking exploit and it will be patch but my question is how severe will this patch be to behemoth. if they completely remove the ability the roll in the middle of a fight will feel clunky and not joined up properly and will lessen the experience of Behemoth which we all love so much. However if they just nerf the damage it does then this too could have a massive negative effect, Behemoth massive opening attack should be one to be feared not spammed. so in my opinion i think a timer should be put on it the first time the super slap is done with the same massive damage as before but if it is done again the animation will be slower and the damage the same as a normal light attack in the behemoths hit chain with reduced knock back too.

But the already rumoured changes coming to behemoth in my opinion will make the monster much harder to kill even if the monster player has next to no skill with behemoth (these are rumoured changes that i have heard though many places) Behemoth will receive more armour bars and health bars to decrease the similarities between the tank Behemoth and the bruiser Goliath, permanent x2 damage gone, size of weak point (chest) reduced, speed of ability animations very slightly reduced, time taken to hit max rolling speed increased and “changes” to the super slap.

This will make behemoth games longer even without the need for player skill as Behemoth. but more importantly for those few Behemoth players who do not spam the super slap and still win games the buff will make them almost in killable.




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