Behemoth might be OP

I cant tell if he really is but so far I have lost every game against him and didnt even get close to winning. It seems that every time he manages to get next to me or my teammates we are already dead, and there is no way of escaping his grip. If he isnt OP plz explain the best way of dealing with the new Behemoth, because right now he has been killing my teams faster than a Kraken.

I think it might have something to do with the new matchmaking.

I’m getting murdered in every match because the team just dies, and I’m playing as the trapper.

yeah, monsters in general are much tougher than they were before. The best way to beat him is just like it used to be. Abuse cliffs and dodge the tongue grabs. Distance > damage when it comes to Behemoth


I try to do that, but all it does is get rid of all my jetpack fuel when he gets to me.

yeah, no single hunter can outrun him forever, the team has to be either pressuring him or assisting you in survival/escape

I haven’t seen a single Behemoth since the patch so I can’t really say if he’s OP or not, best way to find out is to play him and see just how good/bad he is.

Also, adjusted title :smile:

Its all about positioning with Behemoth. I main him and have won every match I’ve played as him except for one because of how I positioned him, ambush hunters at stage one. Profit.

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Fighting against/as Behemoth is a whole new game now.

I’ve played my six placement matches as Behemoth w/Damage Bonus and am 5-1. I lost the one because the team was actually pretty coordinated and I was having so much fun in combat that I didn’t disengage until it was far too late.

Most of those wins were Stage 1, full armor as well. One team forced me to Stage 2, iirc.

Lava bomb is absolutely no joke now, and if you are standing anywhere near or in a pool of lava, you’re doing it wrong. Stay out of his reach, kite as much as you can, and work with area of denial tools.

The team that beat me? Val, Bucket, Jack and Parnell. Kinda sad on my part for losing, but as I said, I was playing fast and loose because I was having a hilarious time in combat w/Behemoth 2.0.

Bucket turrets in conjunction with Jack’s repulsion field and Parnell = all the damage. I got greedy and lazy, and refused to leave and stage up even though I was ready.


I’ve been playing (more like trying to play) the ten matches for hunt Ranking and I keep getting teamed up with low skill players and a high skill monster. Then I switched to PvP evacuation and realized Behemoth isn’t op the team’s I’ve been put on are just somewhat lacking.

This. Lava bomb is almost capable of killing a full health hunter if he stays in it. It does hella damage. I think behemoth takes a decent amount of coordination to kill, and definitely a speedy first dome. Also behemoth relies on positioning more than the other monsters IMO and if you fight him on his turf, you’re toast. Big open encounters, long LOS, and plenty of pillars to platform to and fro. That’s how to take down the beh. NEVER go into a cave with him or an otherwise relatively small fighting space. Lava bombs and fissure will end you forever.

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Lava Bomb=GG just sayin

I just won a multiplayer game against him.
How did I win you say? The timer ran out :smile:

Why wouldn’t you come into my cave? I cooked up a bunch of grub(s) for everyone! :wink:

Btw, in case folks haven’t read the patch notes, Lava Bomb now does 150 dps from DoT. Previously it was 78, for reference. Base hunter health is 1600, so you can be killed from full health in 10.6 seconds from a lava droplet even if you were not hit by the initial lava bomb itself.

There are now also 5 lava droplets, their radius was upped from 4m to 4.2m, and they last for 2 seconds more. GL everyone!

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behemoth is just now a different kind of monster, he used to be brutish as hell and now he’s brutish and good at area denial. just stay above him, ledges are optimum

I’ve played 15 behemoth games since the patch and lost 2 rounds in them (I am low silver rank so the hunters aren’t too consistently good) and the the thing that both teams that beat me had in common was bucket as a support. Bucket finding me early made it easy to dome me after my first evolve so i was caught with no Armour and then turrets ripped me to shreds.

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My favorite move as a behemoth is baiting them into caves. “Oh no don’t catch me and dome me in here! Im just trying to run away!”


Ikr? I’ve lost every single last placement match, probably going to put in one of the lowest division things.

The people I’m with don’t follow me, as the trapper, the assault keeps running away and the medics are just not healing.

I’m having my rank determined, so I don’t know how they team you up. Seems really unfair.

Update: can’t tell if behemoth is OP, or I’m just good with him. Don’t have a whole lot of monster experience, but I’m a terrible Goliath and kraken, I do okay as wraith, and I have no trouble at all with behemoth. Maybe I’ve been going against bad teams? Maybe I’m just realizing my potential with him? Who knows.

I’ve been playing (placment matches) as monster, and the hunters have not been that great. Idk how, but in these placment matches I have an easier time than in pre hunt 2.0 matches. Hopefully you slowly rank up. Anyways that went off topic …:sweat_smile:

The placement matches seem very monster sided with the hunter teams you get. I lost 8 times as a hunter in the placement matches because of bad teams or extremely good monster, and I won every monster game except for one where my power went out.