Behemoth Melee Range Issues?


So I don’t know if this is me just being paranoid or over-sensitive to a new monster, but Behemoth seems to have some really weird range issues on his melee attacks. Like I’m getting punched when I should be clear of his arms, or I get hit and knocked back by his roll when I’m already clear above him.

Has anyone else noticed these issues, or is it just me adjusting to this new monster?


He’s supposed to have the largest range and whatnot I believe.


Which makes sense given that he’s the biggest monster of the group, but what gets me is that his reach seems to extend way beyond his body. Like, someone goes to punch me in the face, misses by six inches, but I still get bruised.


He uses the force.

No, I think that’s how it’s meant to be. Weird, but intended.