Behemoth mastery difficulties


So here’s the thing, I’ve been playing Behemoth a lot lately (and yes I know he’s squishy but I’ll save that for another thread) and I almost have him mastered fully. Most of the challenges aren’t that hard at rank 3, except Tongue Grab…

Lava Bomb: Damage multiple Hunters 50 times
Rock Wall: Trap Hunters between you and the wall 60 times
Fissure: Damage multiple Hunters 100 times (which is time consuming, but doable)
Tongue Grab: Grab Hunters in mid-air 175 times

Normally I’m fine with the mastery difficulties, but come on 175 times? I don’t know if it’s just me but that seems a little overboard, I’d be okay with 75 or even 100 times. But really, what the hell? Does Behemoth spend his entire spare time French-kissing Wraith or something?

Behemoth Mastery Requirements?

All monsters have one ‘long’ grindy one. Fire Breath, Vortex, and Abduct for instance.


behemoth just like to taste the hunters, a lot


Behemoth/Wraith thing going on here? ^.-


Oh yes I remember the Fire Breath mastery :sweat:


Why not? :wink:


I read that you mastered Behemoth MaddCow, any tips for a moderate-severe Bob player?


He’s super combo orientated and starts off stronger, in relation to other monsters, at stage 1. Don’t be hiding/defensive if domed. Learn to combo and be aggressive/put pressure on them.


I feel your pain I’ve only gotten 40 on it so far I’ve been tongue grabbing the people Sunny flings at me. They lowered the requirements for the other monsters.


Yeah, the tongue is the hardest to land out of any of them.


Kraken vortex was just as bad but I did it.


I haven’t mastered Kraken yet, but didn’t they fix that?


Yeah it was like 360 but they took it down to 175 or something. Though I had mastered it before that. >__<


Behemoth’s may need to be lowered. Or changed. Tonguing someone out of the air is problematic. For an average of 1-5 a round, it really is problematic.


I was getting like 12-20 a round.


Haven’t had the case of my enemies flying around that much. Suggestions?


Combo Wombo. Fissure + Tongue, Rockwall + Tongue. I like fissur emore because they share relatively the same cooldown. So once fissure is up tongue is also.


Fire breath was probably the easiest one IMO. I think leap was the grindiest, or charge.


Rock throw… oi.


This must have been after the initial release then. You had to do like 85,000 fire damage while they were jetpacking. No idea what it is now, but at that time it was by far the longest to get for Goliath.