Behemoth making progress


Stalking the trello board, I noticed the fissure fix is coming in the next patch (ETA 8/23) and the tongue grab fix was moved from “balance” to “ready”. It’s finally getting closer to completion, Bobs numerous fixes started to be rolled into the game one by one now.

This means Bobs release might be imminent.

Rejoice now.

edit: Actually fissure was moved from “balance” to “next patch”, while tongue grab was at “ready” before and still is now. I overlooked it before.


Fissure and tongue will go nowhere near to fixing him. It’s going to take so much more to get him in a good place


That’s why they are working on other fixes as well.


Truth is, although they want to balance all monsters, some of them will simply be more viable than others in higher end play. I believe Bob will forever be a pub monster.


I disagree! I’m sure Behemoth will be made viable. TRS can do it :slight_smile:




Figured this is a good place to throw this out there. I remember on console behemoth could actually turn pretty well while in his ball form even though he lost a lot of speed. Was this something that was changed for stage 2 or is it one of his bugs.

On topic, I’m super excited to see behemoth is looking like it is ready to be released back into since he is really the only monster I consider myself good with


His traversal is even worse currently. Sometimes you can barely turn.