Behemoth- Losing a ton of armor to creatures

Am I the only one basically losing out on armor progress, because creep is gut punching him? I keep getting critted by wild life, and I’m wondering if there’s a specific way to farm up that solves this.


The only thing I can think of is to pounce your kills, but obviously this won’t be beneficial if you need to eat and run.

mammoth birds takes like 2 bars like damm


I try to hit them with lava bomb or fissure but it takes time too. Even rolling over stuff doesn’t always work out.

Mammoth birds are scary man.

A single mammoth bird won’t even take a full bar of armor on any monster, even Behemoth. I’ve even tested this because of the rumors that Behemoth was taking more damage than other monsters. I only tested it with mammoth birds but Goliath and Behemoth both lost about 90% of a single bar of armor.

And Behemoth

It does look like Behemoth took a tad more damage. I’d say that if Goliath lost 90% of a full bar of armor then it seems that Behemoth lost 95%, but it could just be a trick of the eyes. Perhaps I should have tested Kraken and Wraith as well, but I was lazy.

well when i get attacked i lost alot 1 barage of tovalds takes like 5 bars almost

I’m losing at least 4-5 bars on some kills with behemoth so I don’t think you’re understanding…some of these relatively ez weak sauce creep.

I’m not taking just a bit of damage, I’m taking large portions while fighting creeps, I can’t tell if this is a bug, or if this is creeps interacting with the stomach of Behemoth.

It would make sense to me that creeps could hit weakpoints, but just don’t because usually they’re on the head of the monsters.

I’m on PC btw if you’re on console this may or may not be a different implementation /patch cycle and or w/e junk is going on may not affect you the same as me.

I’ve killed large creep with other monsters and not lost this much armor so quickly, so Its kind of monster specific, and not just a matter of big guys screwing me up.

No clue if wildlife can hit weakspots, but I’m pretty sure Mammoth birds’ AoE attack can’t (they’re evil enough as is).

Behemoth is actually decent for eating on the go, as you can roll-heavy attack multiple enemies and it works on Mammoth packs (don’t miss or you’ll be zapped to oblivion)

easy way to kill wildlife without taking dmg rollingto them then heavy attack them right after you make contact mammothbird dead, monster wins.

I thought behemoth had a glitch where each damage he takes its always 2.0?

Ya, honestly no clue, could be.

Just time your roll/melee hit against mammoth birds really tight and they die before they can get the jolt out.

Wildlife cannot hit weakpoints because their attacks are not classified as ‘projectiles’ which is what weakpoints can get triggered on.