Behemoth lore


i was loading evolve and the loading screen to a match said “Behemoth, the scourge of Factor, has came to shear” can anyone elaborate on this please


Behemoth was on Factor. Factor was a planet that was taken over/destroyed by the ‘Monsters’. Maggie escaped Factor with Daisy.


A bunch of Behemoth annihilated Factor, Maggies homeworld, so hes sort of her least favorite monster :stuck_out_tongue:


must be an over hype way to say that they either discovered behemoth or he became active on shear recently


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Gosh darn it, first you then the cow -.-
Im losing my edge



really ?? how he d end up on shear ?


There are a number of theories. The Monsters travel in ‘egg’ form to the planet. Travel between planets is used on the Wraith warp ability. Someone/something is ‘seeding’ planets to wipe out inhabitants. Etc…


huh interesting


There’s more than one Behemoth, bro.

Maggie also said she saw a monster that made other monsters.


yeah i know


when ever I play Behemoth, I’m the scourge of Factor UP TOP!!!


Until you fight a team with Parnell and that SS shottie destroys your stomach. :stuck_out_tongue: I kid.


Cabot amplifier and Parnell’s SS cures all your Behemoth problems. Money back guaranteed.


I’ve done that so many times with @Shin today. It is INSANE. I almost, almost feel bad.

And taking potshots through walls at a fat rolling Behemoth is so easy…


Need more background Story >___________<


Is there some place where all this lore lives? The official lore I mean. I’d love to read it.


There are bits and pieces here and there. I believe there is an Evolve Timeline thread that goes into a bunch. Most of it comes from in game dialogue and Matt’s background stories.