Behemoth looking for criticism


Hello, I’m a new user, lurking on the forums for some time. (PSN flippy103)

Recently, our Team managed to win a ESL Cup in the last week, I was playing Behemoth. I’ve recorded my later matches in the Tourney, I ask for anyone who has advice and/or suggestions to help refine myself and Behemoth as a community whole.

Thank you, I appreciate the time!
Twitch “Flippy103”



Terrible Behemoth 10/10 would not lose against. :wink: /joke

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You’re too kind lol, appreciate the honesty! sheds tear

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Lmao you know that you’re the best Behemoth I know :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re my role model I want to be a Behemoth like you one day :wink:

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Yo! I played against your team a little bit ago, I was giant purple Behemoth haha. Even though I lost, it was a fun match (for me at least) anyways…if you’re down, I would be interested in practicing against you guys.

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Thank you, that means very much to me, kind sir!


Amethyst is out!? Proceeds to store

Sure thing, I’ll ask them when I can get a hold of them, thank you for asking!

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Yeah! I bought it right away, and my fist match with it was against @LosSalvatierras…got a couple strikes but it was too little too late for me haha

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Lol yeah I remember you we denied you that damage buff very well fortunately xD

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You really did! You guys killed it and as soon as I was eating, you dropped from the ship and it was GG from there haha. >_< I just wanted a free meal.

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Yeah I died at the perfect time for the dropship lol I almost thought I wasn’t on it. And no meal for you :wink:


Moral of the story…roll away before it’s too late! But the real question is, did I look like a bad ass purple rock when I died haha.


Of course purple is sexy :wink: but let’s not derail this thread lol


“all we are is dust in the wind” starts playing in the background


Is this thread serious?
Because who are we to give you advice? You are by far the best Behemoth player I’ve ever seen.


Aw ;-; I guess you haven’t seen my videos ;W;


Give me a link so I can share my kind words.


I’m at work right now so I can only type to you on my breaks. There’s a link to my channel in my peofile’s bio :slight_smile:

But here it is for your convienence :3


You’re too kind lol, sorry on taking so long to reply! I’ve been scouring around to see if there’s any info I could find from other players. Not much luck. Thank you though, it means much to me!