Behemoth locked


So after two days of playing behemoth my character has apparently become locked is there a fix for this?


Do you still have the DLC listed in your account? Or is that gone as well


Not sure what that means. I do still have the 3 star for some of his abilities unlocked and their respective badges.


Probably should have started with this, but what platform are you on?


Oh I’m on ps4.


Do you have a My2k account linked?
If so try unlinking then relinking it.


How do I do that?


Go to ‘Extras’ press My2k unlink, then press My2k link and relink your My2k account.


Thanks I’ll try after I get back home.


Ok, keep us posted on whether it works or not. :smile:


It worked! Thank you guys so much XD


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Another solve by the infamous @Jedi_Warrior