Behemoth Leaderboard Cheater ( PS4 )


I has report this guy a long time ago because he cheats on the leaderboards
So i finish my Arena Match as Behemoth in just 4 minutes ( Team was really Bad ) so i looking on my Rank in this time he has got 2 wins More WTF how is this possible ? How can a guy win 2 matches just in 4 minutes


easy just 3 warp blast ends a mathch in about 2 minutes


hacking is possible 2 though


Because once you checked

he was playing the game at the end

after 2 seconds from checking

he finished the first win

and play for the second match

In Hunt … Ive won in 1:17

2 minutes until the second match


Its on ps4 and he play Behemoth like me i think he play whit 3-4 friends for freewin


That… That is just weird.
(Like who does that? O.o)


Cheater mentality

put him self in the #1 globally

if he is not in top of the list … there is no reason to cheat man

any good monster against bad team can win 2 matches in 4 minutes easily

use after shock lvl 3 + cooldown 20% perk while hunters drop from the drop ship

all of the team has 50 % of health left

I have done it almost 30 times with kraken and always win


I’ve had quite a few 1 minute games as a Hunter and Monster. Sometimes you just get a break. I was a gold Goli today and sneaking around a bit. Pounced the medic as he and assault were split from the group. Medic was pounced, assault was in a plant. 2 downs in a few seconds, and I just toyed with the other two. Coulda ended it, but I waited until I almost won and let them take a restart.


or it could be

that he was searching

and found a match in the last 1 second and it’s contributed as a win to the leader board

then play for about 3 minutes to win the second match


Lava Bomb lvl 3 with 10% dmg

while hunters drop from drop ship

60% of all hunter’s health went down

uses melee attacks and another lava bomb >> destroy them all


He isnt so smart he has block me then he has unblock just to tell me block me again xD i hv play against him so many time & every time he just try 2 win whit Phase 1 if he lose 50% of bis heal he ragequit again again again. He is the biggest no life ever just play 4 win not 4 fun


Yep, it’s againts the rules


Awwww why the world has rules xD

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Being number 1 doesn’t matter man if you’re the best everyone will know it whether leaderboards agree or not


Or it could be that the leader boards aren’t generated in real time and often take 30 minutes to an hour to show up to others. Maybe the guy played 4 games and lost 2 in the last hour, you just didn’t see it.


You know numtopia people say he’s the best behemoth on playstation he’s ranked number 2 but he’s without a doubt the best on playstation


meh you arnt anything till it comes out with victories in competitive.


We’re letting him play Sunday so you’ll see num in competitive on Sunday @kyronr600


I know but i hate cheater who dont play 4 fun Games are make for to hv fun


may the brackets be forever in your favor…and may no glitches cause yet another delay :wink: