Behemoth lava bomb aim glitching


not exactly sure what triggers this, but its rare and doesnt happen very often.

what happens is usually after a rockwall, ill chuck a lavabomb to get whomever into the position i want. well, this time the spot on the ground you use to aim vanished. i alt tabbed out and back in, did not help. tried cycling through my abilities, still no go.

my rockwall still had the pink/red spot on the ground to aim, my tongue lash still bubbled when they were in range. lava bomb is the only thing that seems to glitch.

ill try and get a video next time.

ps - please add elder kraken to ranked play
pps - hunters, dont talk shit about taking forever to catch me, then wanting a rematch and running away like a punk when i had your trapper and support on the run. you know who you are. if you want to be dominated by my wraith, stay around when we queue up would ya? :wink:


Doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with this post.

However, tagging a dev , like @Insane_521, tends to help these get logged faster. That, along with getting a video or screenshots, which you said you were working on.


i completely forgot how this website works with tagging, thanks for reminding me.

that bit was… well its frustrating and i know the ppl i played against read here :smiley:


This has been a thing for me to a very long time, in the long run I manage to aim without the indicator.


i can aim so so without the marker but it makes precision shots damn near impossible. poor bob :frowning:


Eh, no. He is easily exploitive. I’ve seen him incap players in 3 seconds. Ranked would be a nightmare after it already is.


he’s in ranked, idk why my client wasnt seeing him the day i posted that.

all i play is kelder in ranked and im even cheaper with him than i was wraith or bob. people HATE me on ranked now. ‘youre the reason no one plays ranked’ when i beat smurf teams who get mad that i may or may not have tanked my rating to get shorter queue times…


#Love you XX


Id be angry too.