Behemoth is worthless


Hunters do damage IGNORING ARMOR?!!!

hunters are so op now

Please balance your game


Bruh, sh*t just BARELY came out.


please learn 2 play

behemoth is not ure stupid prenerf wraith

didnt u watch any behemoth gameplay before launch? u cant just hide in a dome

even on stage 1 u can EASLY kill the hunters.

use ure combos right


fissure is his rock/lightning

oh and crows health dmg is rly rly weak

and it would just be the same with a griffin/maggie cuz ure armor would be faster down.


na I played enough games. that fucken hunter that IGNORES ARMOR is literally OP as fuckkkk!!!


I would suggest to try and make a more constructive thread next time. This kind of thread does not really help, seeing as you provide no info or details, just a single statement with no context.

Closing thread as non constructive.