Behemoth is weak or balanced?


If you watched the live stream then you might have notice Parnell doing huge amount of damage to behemoth.


Because that’s what Parnell does.


Super Soldier + Damage Amp does that. The monster didn’t give the Parnell respect and they paid for it.


Parnell is the hardest hitting hunter to date so him+Cabbage=Dead AF monster


How would I know without ever playing?


Weak for newbie players and even for skilled monsters for the first, ok maybe first 10 games.

And then…

Ballanced imo.

The important thing is… Will be Behemoth funny to play as? I hope he will.


In the losses, the monster player did nothing but flee…INSIDE the dome.


Bob is not a lover
Bob is a fighter
Bob came to shear to eat food and wreck face
And he’s all out of food


Will cooldown Reduction stage three Rock Wall at stage one be a troll build?


I also noticed that this “2 points in Rock wall, 1 point in tongue” they advocated as the “best build” did not seem to give the monster any meaningful offensive capabilities at Stage 1. yes, behemoth seems to have a powerful melee attack, but that was obviously not enough and forced a passive S1 game.


I thought they said at some point during the stream that they were playing with a development build, and “This is not the same Behemoth that you will be playing with when he releases.” It was like twenty minutes in.

So maybe they were trying to rush gameplay in order to make it on Friday and what we saw wasn’t Behemoth after he’d been balanced.


Agreed. Should have taken fissure. It’s gonna be crazy with three points. Two points was just crushing hunters.


When has this game ever been balanced? Notice they are introducing 5 new playable and largely untested characters into the game on the same day they are dropping the so called Balance Patch. Funny right?


They didn’t pick Cabot in the first 1 or 2 matches yet Behemoth’s armor and health bar still dropped faster than a nymphomaniac’s panties. He sure does look squishy.


I am still yet to win a single match as Behemoth. Definitely weak.


I can see the potential there in Tongue Grabbing a specific Hunter, and then Rock Walling and proceeding to pummel them. Too bad the person on stream never did anything like that, and really, hardly ever seemed to actually use Tongue Grab at all.


Yeah, did not see that much tongue grabbing either, but then again, it’s putting all of your S1 points into one potential combo, apparently not very easy to pull off.


I think, if anything, he is slightly on the strong side. Even at Stage 1 he has incredible single target burst. Like others have mentioned before, they kept trying to dome dodge like a Goliath/Kraken/Wraith would when not wanting to fight the Hunters at stage 1. He cannot do this. He has such a large pool of armor and health because he is SUPPOSED to be in the Hunter’s faces all during combat. The roles are reversed with Behemoth. The Hunters are supposed to be on the defensive against him. However, most didn’t play him that way.

I think he’s really good right now and if anything, slightly stronger than weaker.


Hmm… Large pool, because supposed to be in the hunters faces … read: supposed to get a lot of beating from them. That is not really putting hunters in defensive :wink:
Anyway I cannot wait to try it !


He also has his weak point on his belly and not his head,
way easier to hit and that’s probably why he was being drained like that.