Behemoth is too damn FAT compared to his silhouette


Warning: this topic have “Rude Languages”. So if your easily offended or just agaist it…please leave now. We dont want any trouble. You have been warned

Just like what it said. Behemoth is too damn FAT ! So if your getting affected by this,you can leave now or if your a troll but want to read this topic and later on your gonna do some nasty shit,you can sit back with nice cup of STFU. Warning: Rude languages.
This sounds like a complete waste of time but trust me,this is the reason why he is so easy to kill.
Just look at his silhouette,just look at it…his thin,right? Now look at him now,look how big his weakness is,like what ? Are you serious right now?
We all feel like a beast who is hard to kill but as long as that stomach is exposed…oh,man…im gonna be the Assults little bitch,specialy Hyde ! Just think how will be devastating that will be because your the slowest motherfucker,have the largest hit box,and if they have their eyes on your two kraken head hit box stomach like a big juicy round booty. im not trying to turn you on,okay ? Good,cause i am now
Just hear me out…Just make Behemoth thin like he was on the silhouette to reduce how big his weak spot is.
If you watch the stream for behemoth… You can see how behemoth gets DEMOLISHED because of is weak spot. sigh i can already tell whats gonna happen this monday. We’re all gonna get destroyed by the assults,specially Hyde that little tw@t And hey, hyde got Tons of buffs just for you to know.


Chill out, John. This is too intense.


…I’m so sorry I burst out laughing at the title. :joy:


Lol i know. Just want to make good title rathan a boring ass one


I read this with the “rent is too damn high” guys voice in mind



Yes yes a thousand times yes lol.



Even if you don’t hit the stomach it still takes more health/armor compared to the others. I saw the stream yesterday, and I saw the behemoth rolling but still his armor was depleting quite easily. The damage output is really nice though, so I hope this big guy could still pull some victories just like his 3 other friends.


… oh come on I’m lying down in the dark that face is terrifying I feel like something is watching me now.


Hopefully I feel like separation is his only chance he can’t take sustained fire from multiple hunters.


People like you are crushing the behemoths self esteem :frowning:


NOW YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL AROUND RABBIT PICTURES. :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: I kid, I kid.

…I feel much worse around rabbit pictures.


I think so as well. I heard that parnell and behemoth don’t get along at all, so I can just imagine if cabot amplifies the damage while caira is bursting healing grenades. And let’s not forget griffin… It seem the hunters really just don’t want behemoth to be present.


Poor behemoth. He just wanted to join the fight, but now everyone is calling him weak. He has a passionate heart as well.


Behemoth- It’s OK friend thank you for looking out for me, but vengeance will be mine! I will crush their self esteem and their hopes, and their dreams… and their bodies… mainly their bodies.


I thought rabbit pictures were adorable…


#Absolutely not.


But why? :frowning:

I think behemoth loves bunnies as well, but they may damage his armor a bit.


I have perfected the art of dodging rabbit pictures. :smirk: Bow to me.

Behemoth hates rabbits. I asked him.