Behemoth is the OP monster after hunt 2.0

I’ve played about 250 games after hunt 2.0, and it’s pretty clear that behemoth is OP. But what makes him OP? The tongue grab and the roll dmg. I guess I can live with increased range on fissure and increased dmg on lavabomb. But the 190 dmg on the roll is crazy strong for not using any abilities. The tongue grab is a game breaker for hunters, u cant dodge it. It happens so fast and if u get tongue grabbed u will get comboed to death very easily. If u don’t make yourself visible to the behemoth it cant tongue grab u, but then u do no dmg to it either! It either needs to be takin out all together or slowed down like the wraiths abduction. Definitely a game breaker right now for the hunters. And with a lot of maps having bad relay fight for a behemoth and caves, it makes it tough to beat one nowadays.

it’s easy enough. Just boost in any direction as soon as you hear or see the animation initiate.

Although I would like the roll damage toned down a tiny bit maybe to 100. idon’t know, he’s finally in a good place and he sucks against teams with any form of communication. so if there were to be any nerfs to take place (i am opposed) they would have to be very careful so that he won’t suck again.

Maybe, but its not possible to stop every tongue grab every time.
At stage 1, 1 in tongue grab, 2 in fissure.
Tongue grab hunter, fissure, roll, heavy hit.
A combo which either kills, or leaves the hunter on exceptionally low health, and is impossible to dodge after the tongue grab.

The only way the hunter could live is if the medic started healing mid way through the tongue grab, and/or the hunter was shielded by Hank, or the shield drone

Oh yeah, and that’s at stage 1…

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I’m sorry but you seem misinformed almost any coordinated group can murder behemoth tounge grab is glitchy and while it’s better hunters can still escape occasionally. I see it happen more against experienced players though. Also you forget he is the only one with two utility skills so roll damage kinda takes the place of that in my opinion.

some people are just confused and think you should be able to dodge it AFTER you get hit by it . Its a dodge able skill shot that you need to look for BEFORE you get hit to dodge it .


Tobgue grab should pull the hunter straight to the behemoth instead of leaving them in a tumble state for something like 4 seconds.

Um, no, he’s not, there’s a reason he is never picked at high level play on pc, because he’s the worst monster against a good team.


Tongue grab is game breaking for the hunters? How many game breakers do the hunters have for the monsters? Please TG is fine

lol,no, just no

The reason he’s not picked at high level is because high level play on PC almost always includes Hank, who can save hunters from the quick burst damage that Behemoth can provide.

Behemoth excels at fast damage, but then, because of his slow movement, he doesn’t damage for a while, while his abilities are on cooldown, which is part of why he benefited so much from the latest patch (where the devs made putting fewer points into more abilities more viable).

This above point means that against a team that has no shielding, the medic has to be super reactive to save a hunter from the insta death. Behemoth combos abilities insanely well.

High level teams not only typically go for safer comps, but also are better at managing jetpacks, and avoid clustering, allowing them to avoid multi person damaging, which is what Behemoth does best. That added to the fact that you’re likely to see a Slim/Hank comp, or a Caira/Hank comp means that the hunters are able to shield and heal a hunter to stop them from getting instakilled, and can heal them up before the next burst of attacks.

The problem is, he’s super effective at mid level hunters, and even the low end of “high” level hunters, unless there’s a lot of communication.

u must have no good monsters on pc then, unfortunate for u. All I see on ps4 is camp tunnels till stage 3(don’t even try doming bob in the tunnels) u get lucky with dome or two outside the tunnels with good dmg, then a lot of relay fights suck and are inside, rockwall for the win, but if u go inside those small areas u get beaten by his explosive burst dmg, or if the relay fight is amazing for hunters, then it’s one lucky tongue grab on medic and games over. U can’t dodge tongue grab it happens in less then 1 second. Yes ill give u that rarely u can jetpack out of tongue grab, but only occasionally. One lucky tongue grab is all it takes, tongue grab, fissure, rockwall, roll DEAD!!! No escaping… OP

You can.

no, u can’t. U just have to get lucky it misses u or u can jetpack back away from it.

I see what you did there.


Yes. You definitely can.

abduction u can dodge because it’s slower, tongue grab is instant. There’s no time to dodge

You see only with your eyes, that is what makes you blind. flies away

You can dodge it if you’re good at the game. Otherwise you can’t.


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