Behemoth is the Jade Giant!

My fastest match ever!


You won using Behemoth in 2 minutes? I don’t care how bad the Hunters were. I applaud you.


My fastest match was 14 seconds, the monster didn’t even spawn, and the game ended the instant it started. But legitimately I have fought a few games that ended in under 2 minutes, monsters who fought badly at the drop zone without armor and such.

Rain is wet
Snow is cold
(Lol jk, good job, I cant even win at stage 3 ;-:wink:


Pro tip: Lava Bomb three points stage one. Damage bonus.

I get domed intentionally.

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Actually Behemoth’s best chance is getting to them early. I was in a really bad 3vs1 PuG match earlier today where I entered into a Torvald dropping from the dropship on Aviary… By the time we figured out we were hunting a Behemoth we found where he was going and split, but one was AI so it ended up 3-1, I came from the tunnel behind to push him to Crow and the others coming from the other tunnel, but was attacked by an Elite armadon as he threw a lava bomb like 60m that brought my health really low, didn’t even see Sunny go down but the shield drone was taken out by lava AOE, then they hot swapped to the Trapper, Caira had minor health damage and went down to a lava bomb and some focused melee against a wall, I got melee’d once when my shield went down and that was it, and the Trapper ran away but got grabbed by a tyrant or something. It was pretty much just lava spam everywhere and melee attacks in a good spot for a Behemoth to fight. Then I started the next match as Hyde, and the guy switched to Kraken at the last minute, but my dinner showed up so I just bailed before that got really ugly.

Hunters can die, uh… incredibly easily, it’s actually kind of a wonder of teamplay when they work well together to take one of these things down.

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I did it one time…About two minutes of game, but maybe 30seconds of combat…

Stage 2, damage perk, the assault was a bit far from his team ==> tongue/wall ==> destruction

Then, I rolled at the team and melee them all at once (wall, fissure) ==> quick win !
Guess they wanted to receive damages as a team… all close together !

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Winning lvl 1 with behemoth is doable with bad positioning on the hunter’s side.

Have had a couple lvl 1 wins on behemoth…feels good man.


Hero mode is winning level 1 with max lvl lava bombs. That’s the noob crusher.

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I did it again…

In response to the title:


The Jade Giant

And another one…this is getting too easy.

Nice job there Mate. You have some skills.

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What do the lines mean, I’ve been wondering ever since the patch?

I’m not that good with the other monsters. I actually have a losing record with Wraith, and I’m right around 50/50 with Goliath and Kraken. I’m 24 and 8 with Behemoth. Wait until people learn how to use him. They’ll be screaming for nerfs.

Lol I don’t play Wraith too much… I have no idea how many losses, but I think 35 wins on Goliath and 20-something on Kraken.

Its abilities used, turn on the event log and they’ll match up

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Thats why your first objective in the dome should be to kill any wildlife
to be honest
just kill any tryants megamouths and place things like turrets traps and mines on their corpses.
They are no threat to the monster but can single handedly bring the hunters doom

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Ah, that makes sense. Thank you very much, @Quirkly

I didn’t even know that existed until last night…