Behemoth is still underpowered


I hear a lot of people claiming that Behemoth works well in ‘the right hands’ and ‘in the right conditions.’ He’s supposed to be ‘specially suited’ for tight corridors, peaks and valleys. But guess what: that’s every monster. But unlike every other monster, Behemoth is slow and inept at catching the hunters I’m trying to focus. He hasn’t got enough armor or health to offset that problem.

Even on the off chance that I get domed in an area with narrow corridors to fight in, I still lose to a half-decent Hunter team. If they’re competent, they don’t just pile in to be slaughtered in narrow spaces. They stay outside taking pot-shots, or just wait until I come out. Behemoth is not special the way some players claim he is. The conditions that give him the slightest chance of winning are the same conditions that guarantee victory for the three other monsters.

I like the feel of Behemoth and want to play it. Considering that he’s so easy to track and dome, he probably deserves to be a lot more durable at stage one. Maybe he should just have his Stage 3-level armor and health at Stage 1, and only have his offensive capabilities level up as he Evolves.

Devs, whatever you choose to do with Behemoth, he needs a substantial buff. The stuff in the last patch was alright, but it’s baby steps where big-boy steps are required. Behemoth deserves to be on-par with the other Monsters, in competitive and public games alike.


I completely disagree. I would actually go so far as to say they overkilled with the buffs. For me fixing the times two damage was enough (obviously removing the roll spam). As of right now, as someone who plays behemoth a LOT. I think he needs to be toned down a little bit. Its a little bit too easy to just to win at the moment


Dunno man, I prefer (and do better in) large, open spaces with my kraken and Wraith (sort of)


Yeah Kraken does well in big open spaces (I’m not as sure about Wraith). But if you attacked the hunters in a corridor with either of those monsters, hitting all four at once with your melee attacks, you’d do great there as well. And that is supposedly the Behemoth’s ‘niche.’


in a tight narrow corridor vortex wrecks everyones shit


He’s getting more adjustments, there is only so much they can do with these hotfixes. Some things are going to take actual coding changes and will have to wait for the next title update. This was a step in the right direction though.


Wow, you must suck at the game cuthbert… JK. I do agree there is nothing special about Behemoth though. They should have different type of monsters. For example, Goliath is the beefy one, Kraken is the one that moves very vertically, and Wraith is a stealth master. Behemoth is well… another beefy one.

Based on character dialogue, the fifth monster will have splitting capabilities. That will be a unique monster indeed.


Considering the stamina nerf made him even easier to kill (ie not possible to get away from Griffin/Abe/Crow/Val/Sunny/Caira combinations), he is not OP.

Still don’t lose to Behemoths. Or even Goliaths that often. Mostly it’s Kraken and lately, warp blast spamming Wraiths. Nobody even plays Behemoth that much.

He’s definitely not too strong and his stamina needs to be reworked once they have an actual fix for roll/heavy spam.

Agreed, if you can get a stage 2 fight with full armor going, he can be pretty strong. But getting there with current stamina is a crap shoot.


Armor never increases you always have the same amount. And sure just give a stage 1 monster like 13 bars of health I’m sure that’s not OP. While we’re at it why doesn’t he just win every Stage 1 fight and one hit hunters when at Stage 3. He’s not supposed to be strong at Stage 1 and honestly he’s probably very close to where he should be with this recent patch and if you still can’t play him well you’re not using the right approach to Behemoth.


Okay that is good to hear.


I like how you listed nearly every trapper there, as ones that Behemoth can’t get away from. And you’re right!


Splitting monster eh? What do you mean, like similar to Wraith’s decoy?


Thats the thing, I havent really noticed the stamina nerfs. Again im speaking from my experience and that is mostly against pugs. But i struggle to go into health damage unless i royally fuck up and deserve it. But i have played a lot of behemoth. That said I really think goliath is in a very good spot. Great fun, very balanced.

Though i do agree kraken is just annoying. He is far too hard for assaults to damage. If you could actually bring the damage to kraken i think he would be balanced.


Underpowered? He is just broken. His main ability “Rockwall” is not working at all. It was his main advertise feature. It’s total bugged crap. Fissure is the same. Maybe Im that lucky, but regularly I see that this ability is broken. Shockwave is not spawning or disappearing shortly after start. He is so bad that Laz can destroy him easily.


From my view point of behemoth, his stamina nerf is a bit over the top.
So 1 - they need to make him faster in traversal whether that correlates to less slow from the hunters in traversal or just an over all speed increase.
2 - fix roll spam a different way and leave his stamina a different way.

Currently and i don’t care about pug stomping that isn’t judging a monster. Against any well organized team unless they make a really big tracking mistake they will find you at stage 1. Once found living with about half my health left isnt to much of a problem, fine well and good i got caught at stage 1. Now unlike every other monster, once that dome drops you can do what to get away. That i have found the answer is nothing.

With that said if anyone would like to give me half an insight into correcting this problem and im doing it wrong, feel free to let me know.

I can win 90 percent of the time vs pugs so all this is directed at 4 stacks with people that actually communicate and play the hunters as designed.


Yup, the only one who doesn’t screw him over in escaping is Maggie because you can’t “chase” with traps. :stuck_out_tongue:


The key to escaping with the Behemoth is twofold: firstly, knowing a good escape route that will take you far without having to leave ball form. Now, this isn’t always possible. This brings us to the second part of escaping with behemoth: aggressive defence. The behemoth cannot outrun the more popular Hunter teams, but his damage output is ridiculously high, so you need to intersperse retreating with abilities, and feeding. Downing someone is great, but if you can’t, healing takes time, and if the hunters opt to chase you anyway, then just kill them. If you can, save up traversal stamina until you get to a long, flat stretch and bust ass out of there.


I think some of the hunters need a nerf. When I use behemoth he gets wrecked by the new set of hunters…he is too big and slow to get away. When I try to roll away I get slowed… I was rolling for so long thinking I made distance from the hunters only to turn around and they were behind me the whole time…sometimes I will roll and it will make me roll in a certain direction I don’t want to. For example I blocked off the hunters with a rock wall to escape, and I tried rolling away, instead of rolling in the direction I wanted to; it made me roll into a wall and it slowed me down and I died. The developers of evolve want to nerf his roll and give that a weak spot too, I say thats just ridiculous…I know they are fixing some hunters, specifically trapper and medic. Sunny is OP just saying. Goliath and Behemoth both need a buff to keep up with new hunters.


behemoth is not underpowered he mettween ok and op


I fully agree…I actually just made a separate thread to the same effect.