Behemoth is so fun!


So in my first match with Behemoth I won so thats pretty exciting! The best part is that I won at stage 1 with 2 points in lava bomb and 1 in wall. I think I could have won a little faster if I didnt take wall tbh. The perk that I took was Damage Reduction since he has such a huge crit area. I mean I almost lost I won with like… 1 bar of hp left and I wasnt even close to having all the points for evolve I dont think. So I prolly only had 3 quarters of my armor?

Anyways I think Behemoth is freaking fun to play and fairly strong if you mainly remember that if you roll with stuff on cd or if you arent in attack range you arent taking as much dmg in team fights. BECOME ONE WITH THE ROLLY POLLY!


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