Behemoth is OP


Just figured I’d leave this here. You know it’s gonna be a popular thread title in a few weeks or so.

Behemoth players ASSEMBLE!

We’re dying for some info here, @MacMan

Defend mode Turrets need some resistance to long range attacks

I haven’t beaten him once in all my hours playing evolve, so he’s defs OP



10 chars.


Agreed. His ability to hide so you can’t get any new information on him is ridiculous.

TRS I can’t believe you took my ball and you won’t give it back. GIVE ME BACK MY BALL!.




What?! TRS isn’t sharing any info about this new super OP Monster?!

##Pre-Order CANCELLED.


Hell, for the $15 price tag he had better be OP as crap.


I agree. He is so overpowered that everyone has agreed to never fight him, and to never play him. At this point it might as well be an unspoken law, as I have yet to see or hear from a single Behemoth.


Yeah, he has so much health and armor that you can’t even damage him at level 1.

Cabot damage amp and Parnell super soldier doesn’t work because he will just put the wall up and magma bomb.

And laz can’t work because when you go to revive just one melee and you die.

Caira and Hyde are useless against him because he is made of rock and their fire doesn’t burn at two thousand degrees!

Plz nerf, TR. Or increase heat of hunter fire weapons.


Behemoth OP too fat. Sits on hunters laz can’t reach.


I lol’d =D


Is it bad if I can actually see that happening?


Lol not at all its actually my plan down assault and crouch on his body until it decays ( and hope there is no hank lol


That is interesting, would make sense if they left his guts as a critical point for incapacitated hunters.


You guys are being ridiculous, Behemoth is fine. He just requires a different playstyle. Me and my team ( we use mics ) haven’t lost to a Behemoth once.


Joking aside, I think he may actually be underpowered when he comes out. He can’t jump and he probably won’t be able to climb or if he can it’ll be really slow. Seem like the easiest way to win against him is by climbing on top of something. Sure, you probably will have to dodge that tongue move.


I agree. Behemoth is so OP that you can’t even get out of the dropship in time before he tongues it and throws boulders at it.
-Behemoth is so OP that he rolls around like the boulder from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, except you can’t escape it.
-Behemoth is so OP that he requires a full team of the world’s best with mics to even get him to 99.9% health.
-In fact, Behemoth is so OP that he can’t fit in the mobile arena.

Keep these going, some of them are actually hilarious xD


Where did people get the " Can’t climb " thing? Because it’s really dumb. Why would it not be able to climb? That would be such a ridiculous weakness.


@Rhuclaw He can climb, but at a slightly slower rate. So Griffin is going to troll him hard. Lol.


I can just picture it now.

(Behemoth tries climbing)

(Griffin harpoon gun)

(Behemoth falls)

Behemoth- Stoooooop!!! I have a glandular problem!


Ah, ok. Pretty strong weakness. Yeah, them harpoons. lol