Behemoth, is it UP?


sorry guys I did this on meh phone. Ok Behemouth not wraith and I think it needs a buff. It seems up right now. What do you guys think? (Use the word wraith so much every time I talk about a monster auto correct puts in wraith.)

EDIT: this post is only considering PC (idk how it is on console)


What? @ToiletWraith


I’m just as confused as you .-.
I think he’s metaphorically speaking, saying ressurect her original movespeed so she can put up a fight against hunters…


But the second part… ~Mind implodes.~


How many “does Wraith need buffs?” threads are we going to see?


Did you mean for this to be a poll?

Too many.


I believe he was making a joke about using Lazarus to “revive” release wraiths speed while cloaked.


if any monster needs a buff right now id say it has to be behemoth.
I hope we get a ice wraith I want them to get slowed with each hit


This was not ment to be one XD


No it’s just the retarted phone typing at it again


Nope just my fucking phone screwing up EVERYTHING


Are we taking about Bob, Wraith, or Megamouths here?


It says Behemouth in the title. It’s a hybrid that’s half bob and half megamouth.

I think behemouth is fine where it is.


So megamouth disguises as a little rock. New in TU9, the Behemouth disguises as one of the huge platforms or pillars on the map. Any platform or pillar can randomly generate as a behemouth, never in the same place. And it can trap the monster if it climbs on it, or as many hunters land there or anywhere nearby.

… Oh, and it poops trapjaws :smiley:

Edit: Obvious humor, in case is not obvious ^^;


We all know how over powered the steamdon buff is. Imagine having it permanently. The hunter rage would be overwhelming.


Behemoth is a tad OP on defend. Pubs can’t beat him on defend.

Overall, he is balanced. Every monster has his or her weaknesses, and Behemoth is slow with a large hitbox. This means the hunters have to come to him, whereas Goliath can fight the hunters where they are. Torvald is said to be OP against him, but isn’t Laz OP against Kraken? I’d just say Torvald a hard counter to Behemoth.


how about we nerf the slow down a lil bit (lot)


I’ve seen even skilled teams struggle against a half decent Behemoth on Defend, he is really tailor made for that game mode.


His HP makes him unbeatable, while he can lavabomb-snipe the relay. Too unfair.


Not to mention he gains so much armor so fast. The lava bomb and some of the maps put the generators in corners where his rock wall can allow you a little a private time with the generator to really deal damage. Then when the wall falls lava bomb again to keep hunters from getting close.